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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Surprise Trip | Doha, Qatar


Firstly, prepare for a long read...

Let's take it back a little.. Where do I start? Many months ago, Matthew, my now fiancé - eek! made me aware he was planning something for my birthday but I wasn't allowed to know what it was. All he said was "Book off the dates 1st-3rd November off at work". So I did. With that, I kinda guessed it was going to be a trip somewhere, but with the time of year, I thought it was going to be a chilly city trip to Europe not like I would have minded that, we love Europe! but, to my wildest dreams.. It was a huge sunny surprise with a trip to Doha to visit my bestie Zahra & her boyfriend Jean. BOY *clap* DID *clap* WELL *clap*.


We arrived early hours in the morning so we all had a mini catch up on the way back to Zahra's place from the airport & then had a nap before getting ready for the day ahead. We were going camping in the desert! I KNOW, amazing right? This is where the sneakiness of them plotting the propasal comes into play. With me & Matthew having not met Jean until today, Zahra suggested Matthew going out with him to pick up last minute things for the camping trip whilst me & Zahra sipped tea in our pj's catching up. Sounded perf to me, bye boys! Haha But really, Jean was taking Matthew to the jewelers to choose a ring ♡

Later that day, we met up with them at Jean's parents the cutest parents you could meet btw, such lovely people where we sat for awhile talking until we decided to leave for the desert. We made a stop on the way at the mall to 'pick up some drinks' in which Zahra said "You don't mind if we wait in the car do you?". Zahra's comment didn't mean anything other than not wanting to get out of the car, until I'd got proposed to the next day & realized she had said that so we wouldn't know they were collecting the ring. They picked up some drinks too so it wasn't obvious, but I was totally oblivious anyway haha.

The Desert

So we've left the mall now & we're en route - woohoo! Never been so excited. We had the music full blast with the windows down singing our hearts out - true road trip style. Me & Zahra were laughing & giggling the whole way & being typical girls, screaming with laughter when we went over the huge sand dunes - so cool! I think it took around 30 minutes, possibly more to get to where we decided to set up camp. We decided to choose a place by the sea and arrived in time to get everything ready before sunset. Props to Jean for having every piece of equipment needed to make camping a breeze! You're a star.

Once everything was sorted, we took some cute pictures during sunset & then chilled out ready to make a BBQ. More props to Jean for starting a fire to feed us & keep us warm.. Think we'd all die without him haha We popped some music on, got the BBQ started & had a few drinks whilst we waited for the food to be ready - it was such an amazing evening. It really is the simple things in life that matter ♡

The next day, Zahra woke us up at 5am in readiness for sunrise, although she went back to sleep before it actually rose haha! Me & Matthew stayed awake to watch it all. I did attempt to make a time-lapsed of it but Matthew thought it was funny to waft his hand in front of my phone & ruin it -__- you're lucky I love you! Ha. After sunrise I decided to head back to sleep for a little while whilst it was still cool. Not long after, Matthew woke me up saying "Paige! Come & look at this!". The night before we were wondering whether anything weird & wonderful got washed up out here so when he said that, I assumed he'd found something.. So I jumped up weary eyes & made my way to the water where Matthew had already speedily walked off to. To my surprise, it wasn't a big scary fish like I though.. It was in fact the words 'Marry Me? written in the sand.. My Heart ♡

Of course, me being an emotional wreck starts crying & says YES! (whilst looking at this extremely beautiful diamond ring that Matthew had hold of ready to put on my finger). After he put it on, he said to me "Just so you know, this is only a temporary ring. I didn't get time to get you the one I wanted you to have in time, but we will get it when we're home. Instantly I'm confused & thinking "Temporary!? This ring is absolutely stunning (even on my chunky sausages haha) so I can only imagine what he has up his sleeve!". I am more than happy with this stunning ring, along with the time & place he chose. It couldn't have been a more beautiful moment to propose.

Fast forward a short while.. Zahra & Jean awoke & congratulated us on our engagement. We took some more pictures, made some breakfast & got ready to pack up to head back to Zahra's place & get ready for a night out in the city to celebrate.

The Next Day

When we woke up, it was time to make the most of our last day. I was way too sad about this as we were having the best time with the best people. We decided to head to The Souq Waqif. You can find so many little stores here where you can buy traditional garments, spices, handicrafts, and souvenirs. We then decided to head for some brunch & shisha y'all know I'm a shisha queen haha at Damasca One Restaurant. The food here was incredibly delicious! I'd go back just for their spicy potatoes haha.

After brunch, we had a further walk around before heading to The Pearl. Again, such a beautiful place. The scenery here is gorgeous with views of the palm trees, water and yachts. We stopped off later on at a cafe called Shakespeare where we got desert & drinks. I picked a smoothie & a classic cheesecake. Everything was very well presented as I realised everything is out here & tasted delicious.

When we left The Pearl it was time to head back, have a shower & pack for the airport. Despite the short amount of time we had there, we did so much & had the most amazing time.

Zahra & Jean - Thank you so much for everything you did for us whilst we stayed with you. From picking/dropping us at the airport, welcoming us into your homes & most of all, being special friends who were apart of our engagement. Words can't describe how grateful I am for this experience. I love you both & can't wait to see you again.

Matthew - Thank you for going through the effort of surprising me with this trip, pulling it off & for asking me to marry you. You couldn't have picked a more special moment. You have made me the happiest girl in the world & I can't wait to be your wife ♡

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