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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Fox Tan | Does It Work?

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I was SO skeptical about this product when I saw the before and after pictures on The Fox Tan's Instagram here. But believe me when I tell you that it actually works! I originally bought this when I was living in Queensland, Australia last year. The priority delivery was super quick to AUS due to it being made there which was handy. However, I never really got chance to use it that much because the sun there was THAT hot, it was unbearable.. & for me to say that about the sun, defo means it was unbearable - I will usually lie there until the cows come home! haha!

Anyway.. Then I thought I was in luck to use it when I visited Thailand for another 2 weeks before heading home to the UK and of course, every time I smothered myself in it, it started to rain. I practically wasted it all praying there would be some sun - waa! Let's fast forward from March to August this year when I went to Turkey - Wahey! Some nice hot sun to test it out on. Only sad thing is, I barely had enough to last longer than a day. The only negative thing I have to say about this product is that you don't get that much of it :(

The picture at the top is my white lines after a couple hours in the sun. (Ignore my PJ top, I took this picture once I was home from holiday haha) Now, I used to tan so fast & have the best tan after not long but these days it really is a bit of a struggle! But, after a couple hours, that's the line I had so I was impressed! I purposely kept my bikini straps on so just so I could see whether it worked. I wish I had a full bottle of this for my holiday to really put it to the test because I really don't doubt that I could have better results if I used this every day.

However I've just received a new set of both the Tanning Elixer and Tanning Mist as you can also use this product on the sunbed as well as in direct sun. The delivery to the UK states 8-15 business days but I think I got this in around a week. Winner! Even more of a winner though, you can now purchase this from Pretty Little Thing here which means HELLO next day deliv!

The directions is to use them both hand in hand. The Fox Tan recommend to start using the Tanning Elixer a week prior to going in the sun/sunbed (as a moisturizer I'd assume) and then use the Tanning Mist just before going on the sunbed or once you're in the sun. This product has NO SPF in it so please apply some prior to protect your skin, however this does effect results slightly but still works. I used SPF before I used it & still was happy with my tan.

I would definitely recommend this product if you struggle to tan. Not only is it made up of all natural ingredients, it also smells DIVINE & has cute af packaging - always a plus in my eyes! ♡

Natural ingredients
Smells gorgeous
Vegan friendly

Not a lot of product for money


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