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Monday, 23 October 2017

Russian Volume Lash Extensions | By Rochelle

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Okay, before I get into the good stuff. IGNORE them out of control fluffy caterpillars on my face! I've been growing them for like 2.5 months in readiness for getting them shaped (but now I've decided I'm getting them microbladed so I've walked around with them all this time for nothing haha)

Anyway, my best friend Rochelle is a beauty therapist but specializes in Lash Extensions. Me personally, has never contemplated getting extensions as my natural lashes are quite long & LVL usually suits me fine BUT.. I thought I would give them a go. With my natural lashes being quite gappy from me playing with them when I'm tired & accidentally pulling them out - I thought this might do the trick in making them look full again! Does anyone else do this btw or am I just extremely weird? o_O

I have come to the conclusion that I LOVE THEM! I think they definitely look like a fuller, more perfect version of my own lashes with a few being slightly longer for that fluffy look. With them being so lightweight too, it doesn't even feel like they're there - which is perfect for me! :) I've had so many compliments on them & people asking if they are my own which proves just how natural they look. I would 100% recommend these lashes. They also come in so many different lengths/curl size so Rochelle will assess your natural lash & depending on the look you're going for, will decide on which lashes & curl are best for you.


1. How much do they cost & how long do they take to do?
Rochelle currently charges £60 for a full set & £30 for infills (She is mobile & comes to you too so this price is great value for money). Full sets of Russian Lashes usually takes between 1.5 - 2 hours depending on your natural lashes & infills are an hour for everyone.

2. How often will I need to get them infilled/new set?
How long they will last really does depend on how you look after them but in general they tend to last 3-4 weeks before you need any infills. If you go to the gym /swim a lot or wear a lot of makeup, this may reduce how long they will last as the less you touch them, the longer you will get from them.

3. Can I put mascara on them?
No mascara is recommended as this will close up the 'fans' of the lashes & make them clumpy. Plus, they look stunning as they are :) If you want to take the risk & do decide to wear mascara, remember your lashes won't last as long & the ingredients in your mascara may cause the lashes to come off. Also remove any eye makeup with an oil free remover or wipes.

Discount for you lovelies!

Also, for the whole of November, Rochelle is offering my readers £10 off so let her know I sent you! ♡ Any further questions you may have, feel free to contact Rochelle, she will be more than happy to help :)



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