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Monday, 9 October 2017

Prima Lashes | @primalash_lashes

Lashes behind - Mojito - Here | Lashes in front - Martini - Here

Finding this lash company was an absolute dream! I've recently become a fan of lashes since I've decided to do my makeup 'properly' more often. I never realised how much they actually make the look complete.

The lashes I'm wearing on the picture above are the Martini ones. Those are my favourite lashes to date & they're from the Velvet Range here. I've got so many different styles from each one of Prima Lash's ranges stashed away in my makeup draw. Their prices start from as little as £3.59 - like, are you serious!? YES PLEASE! How can I resist!?

They're really good quality for their prices too. The only difference I find with the cheaper styles is that they come in less appealing packaging but what does that matter when the product is still brilliant? Of course the quality is slightly different from the other ranges but I've honestly never had an issue with them lasting. I've literally never not liked a pair that I've bought either, so if you look after them, you can most definitely re-use them multiple times too. I still have a pair of my Martini ones from months & months ago. I just always re-purchase as I like to keep a fresh set.

I'm going to list of my favourites from each of the categories on their website below so you can have a look at the variety of styles/prices they do. Not to mention, the delivery is ALWAYS super fast. I think every time I've ordered in the day, they've been despatched almost immediately & have always arrived the next day. (This is of course subject to what day/time you order, but in general, it's always next day - if you're in the UK anyway). Honestly really do love these lashes. Feel free to check out my suggestions below. Please note though that I tend to only like the longer styles due to having quite long eyelashes naturally anyway so they may not be to everyone's taste. However, there are SO many to choose from so I'm sure you'll find some perfect ones for you. Hope my best finds are useful to some of you - you guys always ask which lashes I'm wearing on my pics so unless stated already, it'll most likely be some from the list below :)

Professional Range
#118 - Here
#14 - Here
#143 - Here

Silk Range
#Lunar - Here

Express Range
#Crank - Here
#Goddess - Here
#Naughty - Here

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