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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

LA Weave Extensions & Blow Dry | Hair Couture

Hair Extensions by Lauren - Here | Blow Dry by Leiani @ Hair Couture - Here

It has been SO long since I last had my extensions in! I've been loving the natural hair feel for the past year or so but as my 25th Birthday is slowly creeping up on me (Did I just say 25!?... *cries*) I thought I would have them back in for a little while so I can whip my hair around up in the club! Haha just kiddin (I'm not kidding') But honestly, I already feel fabulous! Nothing is more satisfying than super soft & silky long hair thanks to Lauren (Extension specialist) & Leiani (Junior Stylist) from Hair Couture in Manchester.

I've had extensions done by Lauren many of times & she is hands down the best! I'm not just saying that because she's my sister in-law either! She literally is the best. This is the first time I have had the LA Weave style though & so far I'm loving it! It was a lot quicker of a process than the usual Micro Ring method I used to give her the torture of doing for me - sorry Loz! Haha. But yes, so far I love it. It allows you to add SO much hair in than usual. I have around 220g in at the moment of BeautyWorx hair in shade Raven (or shade #2 in most hair extension providers) which can be found on their website - here. I provided the hair due to me already having it but usually Lauren would provide this for you & the brand she uses is Angel Remy Hair, find their Instagram - here. The quality of both brands is extremely good. The hair is the same thickness from root to tip & that is exactly what you want for that thick, luscious lock look! (God, try saying that after a drink or two! Haha) But yes, ain't NO body got time for wispy ends.

My blow dry from Leiani was SO nice too. I really struggle to get that super smooth luck myself without using the straighteners, especially with extensions in as well. So I decided to have a wash & blow after my extensions were fitted & her blow dry skills are on point! I witnessed her curly blows today too & I am TOO excited to try that out next time I visit. It was literally stunning. Her work is on the Hair Couture Instagram listed under the photo at the top so if you want to see more then check it out! :)

The guys at Hair Couture are all amazing at what they do as well as making you feel comfortable. Not only that but they offer a range of drinks from tea & juice to my all time fave - prosecco! Y'know, just in case you & the girls are off out! ;) No but really, I've had a great day at the salon today & couldn't be happier with the service & outcome of my hair. It looks & feels DI-VINE! Thanks girls!♡

Hair Extensions - LA Weave prices start from £240 which includes top quality hair, the fitting & the styling afterwards. The price of a move up when required is £45.
Wash & Blow - Prices start at £16-20 depending on whether it is a straight or curly blow & whether or not you're wearing extensions too. Any enquiries you have on services or prices, feel free to contact the salon with the number provided on their Instagram :)


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