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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Lip Fillers by @chloeheywoodaesthetics

Chloe's Instagram | @chloeheywoodaesthetics

I don't even know where to start with how excited I was about getting my lips done with Chloe. Lip fillers is something I have wanted for a number of years now but have never come across someone who focuses on keeping them natural. Don't get me wrong, I will never deny having them done, but I don't want them to look like they have been either. There's nothing worse to me than lips that look like you have been punched in the face a thousand times, or as we call it these days - 'duck lips' - it's totally not me (no offence if it is for you!)
But as you can see from the images above, the outcome is VERY natural. If you hadn't seen them before, you would never assume they have been done. I have had a lot of questions running up to having them done & especially after. Questions I even wondered myself before getting them done...

Isn't 1ml a lot? Does it hurt? What does it feel like? Do they bruise & swell? How long for?

My honest answers/opinion is - I got 1ml Juvederm with numbing cream as it really isn't as much as you think (there's a post somewhere on Chloe's instagram to put this into perspective). No it didn't hurt (this may be because of the numbing cream) - but it honestly feels like a 0.2 second sharp scratch. I bruised pretty badly because I bruise like a peach at the best of times! They also started to swell as the night went on and were pretty big the next day. I personally loved them like that though! Although I love them now, I totes would have been happy for them to stay that way! Haha. But after the first two days, they went back to normal size & there were some ever so slightly lumps of swelling which I was to massage every day with a recommended Arnica cream (I got mine for £3.50 in Tesco) to reduce the bruising & even out the swelling - what a life saver! (Although I'd say massaging them it's the sorest part, hurts more than the initial getting them done)

Chloe recommended me to come back within the first 4 months to build on the filler to achieve my desired look & to make it last longer. As I mentioned, I do love them how they are now but my goal is slightly more volume. I had these done last month & have re-booked in for next month. I was debating maybe vlogging it. I did want to for the first time but as I was so nervous that I totally forgot about it - plus I hadn't asked for Chloe's permission. If I decide to next time, I will ask her first & upload the journey to my YouTube channel. (Update - YouTube video from my second visit uploaded here) I promise you though, seeing it looks A LOT worse than it is. I binged over videos before my appointment so I knew what to expect & it was the worse thing I could have done. Maybe read this as inspo to get them done & watch after! Haha.

As an end to my post, if you are thinking of having them done & my explanation/before & after picture isn't yet enough to convince you, you should know that Chloe is the most caring, down to earth & friendly girl there is! She makes you feel so comfortable, explains everything & helps you through it - all whilst remaining 100% professional. Honestly Chlo, you're a diamond & I could never imagine going anywhere else. I love these lips more than life itself! #nojoke.

You da bomb gurlllll! ♡


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