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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Bondi Sands Dark Tanning Foam

Bondi Sands Dark Tanning Foam / $16.00 | Here
Bondi Sands Tanning Mitt / $6.00 | Here

Who would have ever thought I would be wearing fake tan in AUSTRALIA!? But, here I am.. Purchasing my first fake tan in I don't know how many years. With me being here in AUS & Bondi being not far off my doorstep, I thought it was only right I gave Bondi Sands a whirl! It's pretty cheap here too.

Now, lets start with the mitt. That mitt is the softest thing I have ever felt, genuinely love it. Most tan mitts go through me because of the feel of them & I don't like them at all. Hence me not wearing fake tan for years & years! Ain't no body got time to put tan on with their bare hands hey!? But, I really like this mitt. Well done Bondi Sands *thumbs up*

Next, the actual tan, the most important. I'm honestly not alllll that impressed with it. I expected it to be a lot better given the name & origin & considering most people in AUS are super tan & beaut. But nope, it's just not really kickin' it for me that much. I mean, as you can see from the images I am slightly darker, but considering this is the 'darkest' tan, it's not much of a change. It is a little blotchy too. However, I won't blame that all on the tan as I haven't exfoliated yet. I'm sat here at my desk at work with it in my bag & just had to urge to try it. I'm so impatient, I can't wait for anything haha. So, I will give it another go before once I've exfoliated to see if it's any better. The thing I do love about this though is the smell, the smell is literally lush! It's so sweet & literally makes you want to go to the beach with a cocktail - yum! But anyway, the scent is coconut as stated on the bottle - my fave!

For the price, the smell, the outcome & not forgetting my fave mitt! I would probably rate this tan around a 6/10. What's everyone else's fave tan? So far mine is the Lauren's Way lotion. I'll have to get my mitts (see what I did there? mwuaha) on it again for old times sake! :)

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