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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Shelly Beach

Is there any more perfect way to spend a Sunday sunset than at the beach?

Me & Matthew headed back to Manly beach last week & whilst there we spotted another little beach in the distance & decided to make our way to it & that's where we discovered this little gem! Shelly Beach.
So much was going on here as well, it was such a cool environment. There was a big group of couples who were practicing some crazy gymnastics together, people playing their instruments in groups, some form of children's birthday party was set up & also just families enjoying their time together.
That's what I like about Australia.. People spend time so much together because there's loads to do outdoors. Here, it's such a different vibe & everyone really does just want to be happy.
I also relived a bit of childhood here too & climbed a tree! :D haha! Always wanted to climb a tree but never got round to doing it & this time I decided I would! Matthew also took some fab pics! The sunset was his picture taken from his phone & he also took that picture of me in the tree with my silhouette. He's getting good at this eye for photography stuff! I taught him well ;)
I think we'll definitely be spending more sunsets at the beach whilst we're here anyway. Time goes so fast, we've been gone over 2 months already! Got to make the most of things whilst it lasts ♡

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