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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Taronga Zoo

Before I get started, sorry that you have to stare at the spiders whilst you read the beginning of this post, at least they aren't above your head like they was mine! :'( haha! Anyway..

Today, we woke up with yet another beautiful, sunny day with no plans at all.. We sat contemplating what to do for awhile & then decided to head out to the zoo, yay! :D From where we are in Sydney, Taronga Zoo is only a short ferry ride away & the harbour is literally around the corner from where we're staying; so off we went! :D

As you can probably see from the images above, we managed to see some beautiful views on the way. Such as the famous Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge (you may even be able to make out the people at the top of it!) & Shark Island. When I went past shark island I got a bit excited thinking "it's called Shark Island for a reason, there must be some sharks around this place.." (for people that don't know me, I'm quite fascinated by sharks, Great Whites to be particular so that's why I was excited haha!) until seconds later after thinking that the tour on the ferry ruined my excitement & told us not to worry, there's no sharks & then onto the reason it got it's name :( but if you're interested in a little fact, then I may as well share it with you.. *clears throat* Shark Island got it's name from way back when the island used to be a quarantine for animals.. & if the animals died then they just threw them out to sea, which attracted all the sharks. Interesting fact huh!? You're welcome 8-)

Anyway, once we got to the zoo, I was ready to go in with full force! Or so I thought I would.. but Matthew, being Matthew, has to read the map & know where everything is. I have no patience with that stuff & just like to go for it! :D But yeah, we looked at the map & decided to check out the koala bears first. It made sense with it being the closest thing to us & after all, we are in Australia right!? :D They were super cute & just wrapped their cute little arms round the branches. I wanted to jump in & cuddle one :(

Then we headed to the reptiles & saw some cute little guys & some scary crocs - crikey mate! hahaha, actually lol'ing to myself writing this. Have to mingle in with the Australian life right? :)

I added some funny pictures of the animals here where I made little stories up in my head. The gorilla & elephant are my fave. The gorilla looks totally pissed off, he even side eyed me at one point as if to say "don't just stand there & look at me, help me get to this sexy mama on the other side of this door" haha! He wasn't trapped in a small space don't worry. He had loads of other places to move to. I just thought this snap made a funny story :) & the elephant was tapping that door with his foot as if to be saying to his wife "C'mon now Barbs, let me back in would ya!? I've learnt my lesson.." haha! He had plenty of space also & could easily get through, through another area of where he was but he was being stubborn & wanted the door opening haha. I love animals they're the best <3

Right, I think I'll stop it there. I won't bore you by describing every single part of the zoo. I also didn't take pictures of every animal due to my camera dying also. Every time I've ever been to the zoo I've always forgot to charge my camera, what a numpty!? But yeah, hope you enjoyed my pictures & my little made up stories of the animals! :D Until next time.... :)

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