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Sunday, 28 February 2016


Here it is, time to say goodbye whilst me & Matthew set off on our travels. Goodbyes are never easy, especially when you're saying goodbye with no idea until how long is left until you'll see them again. My Mum & one of my best friend's Emanuela dropped me at the airport, along with my Mum's best friend Elaine <3 Matthew met me at the airport with his family also. At the beginning it didn't really feel real; we all got to the check in desk & were like right, now what... Haha! No one knew what to do or say, so we decided to go downstairs for a coffee in the airport as we had some time to kill anyway. Soon enough, it was actually time to go now. We got walked back upstairs by our loved ones & the second the 'real goodbye' came, I was in tears, along with my Mum & Emanuela. We looked a right mess, unlike Matthew & his family who kept their shit together like real adults haha! It was emotional though. I live with my Mum & we're very close & Emanuela is practically my sister. So to say goodbye to two of the people I spend most of my time with, was actually pretty heartbreaking. But fear not, they can always come & visit me! :D But if any if you are reading this, I do miss you like crazy & I'm so excited to see you again! But until then, WhatsApp & FaceTime will have to do haha. Love you all <3

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