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Monday, 29 February 2016


We made it! Here we are in one of the most incredible countries in the world! Dubai. I'm so glad we decided to stop off here for a couple nights to break up our flight. I can't even describe how amazing this place is. Everywhere is so classy & prim & proper, yet so chilled & laid back too. Every restaurant looked stunning & the beaches are breath taking. Unfortunately we didn't actually spend a day on the beach because we were too intrigued to find out what the city had to offer. We visited most of the main things to see such as JBR Walk, Dubai Mall & the Burj Khalifa. JBR Walk is where most of the restaurants are & a few shopping stores. It's also right next to the beach where they have cute beach bars & restaurants also.. & not to forget, shish places which everyone should know by now is one of my fave things to do in my spare time. Dubai Mall is just insane. The place has friggin' sharks in it for gods sake! It's not everyday you see sharks & sting rays in a shopping mall is it? Haha! They are in an aquarium, don't worry ;). Burj Khalifa.. I'm sure you've all heard of this place. It's the tallest building in the world & it's so bloody hard to get the whole of it in one shot! It's incredible!! Everything is just a WOW factor, I can't believe so many amazing sites are all crammed into one place.. & that's not it yet. There is SO much building work going on there so I am excited to find out what Dubai will look like when it's finished. Although I've not yet travelled Australia, which is the main thing I'm set to do on my travels, my heart is kinda set on living here already. It's such a beautiful place. Either way, just from a couple nights exploring a different life, I've decided England isn't the place for me & I've made the decision of hopefully settling down over seas. Life has so much to offer! So if you're sat back home reading my post feeling depressed or jealous... Go make it happen! Seeing the world will be the best thing you ever do & the biggest regret if you don't :) Dubai, see you again sometime! <3


  1. Great pictures! I need an answers on two questions. I will be in Dubai in June and is there a possibility to rent a good car in airport or i should visit hotel at start? Is there a lot of taxi there or i need o book it in advance via http://kiwitaxi.com/UAE/Dubai+Airport and similar services?

  2. Hello Pierre! Thank you for commenting! :) I personally used Uber a lot. It worked out a lot cheaper than a regular taxi.. For example. Our normal taxi from the airport to our hotel was 250 dirhams which is ridiculous.. & our Uber from hotel back to airport was around 80 dirhams, so a big difference! But see what you prefer. Everywhere is pretty far away from each other so if you can get a good price on a car you may as well, or definitely use Uber! You can get a free ride on me if you haven't used it before using code " paigeb1579ue " :D hope you have fun on your trip to Dubai! It's a beautiful place :)


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