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Sunday, 8 November 2015

KIKO Cosmetics

Soft Light Powder in 04 Tan Beige / £11.90 | Here
Smart Lip Pencil in 712 Rose Mauve / £2.50 | Here
Full Coverage Concealer in 04 Dark / £7.50 | Here
Everlasting Kajal Jet Black / £5.20 | Here

FINALLY! There is now a KIKO Cosmetics store in Manchester! Waheyyy! Unfortunately I was working the day it actually opened so I managed to get there on the 3rd day! & as expected, the contour pencils I wanted were sold out :( Fear not! There were still so many other products to buy, so much so I wanted to buy the whole store! But I managed to stop myself & only bought products I needed....... Well, wanted, y'know us girls have to make up excuses for reasons to buy makeup we don't need ^_^ haha!

All of the products are so good! The eyeliner especially. I've never really been an eyeliner fan but just recently I was tempted to wear it & figured I hadn't actually got one. I know, what the hell. At least that's one product I genuinely needed! Ha! But anyway.. Yeah so, I got an eyeliner & wow. It is literally the blackest of the blackest eyeliner I've EVER used & it goes on instantly. Not one of those crappy ones you have to scrape your eyeballs out with practically to get it to go on haha.

I can say the same about the lip liner as I did the eyeliner, well, baring it isn't a black lip pencil but y'know what I mean. Super pigmented & soft on the lips. Beautiful! The colour is so pretty too, I'm definitely going to purchase every colour soon. Who wouldn't when they're only £2.50!?

I haven't used much of the concealer or powder yet so I can't really comment but the colours match well to my skin. Not too beige, pink or orange. Just right. I may even have to purchase a foundation to so I have the whole shabang!

So far & over all, I am definitely a fan of KIKO & I will be back in there every payday without a doubt! :D

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