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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

LUXÊMME Christmas Giveaway

Girls, this Christmas, LUXÊMME are giving my readers the chance to recieve £15 gift vouchers! Aren't they just the best!? I think this is such a fabulous idea. I know how hard it can be to fund Christmas & even just to think of gift ideas sometimes, so these gift vouchers may be super helpful to you. The vouchers can also be customised with whoevers name you choose to send them to (or even your own if you wish! We all love a good treat) & can therefore make really lovely presents, stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts! :D

If you do choose the gift vouchers for youself, check out their website! I’ve been browsing LUXÊMME’s jumpsuit range recently and I have to admit I love what they have brought out. I've had my eyes on this classy white one (here) since I saw it posted on their Instagram page. The main thing I love about LUXÊMME (which I also stated here in my last post about their brand) is that they totally live up to their brand name by making their clothes super Luxe! Without breaking the bank too! What more could we ask for?

If you want the vouchers, it's so easy to do! All you have to do is follow LUXÊMME on their social media sites & click here to fill out your details for the vouchers. & Voila! It's as simple as that :)


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Sunday, 8 November 2015

KIKO Cosmetics

Soft Light Powder in 04 Tan Beige / £11.90 | Here
Smart Lip Pencil in 712 Rose Mauve / £2.50 | Here
Full Coverage Concealer in 04 Dark / £7.50 | Here
Everlasting Kajal Jet Black / £5.20 | Here

FINALLY! There is now a KIKO Cosmetics store in Manchester! Waheyyy! Unfortunately I was working the day it actually opened so I managed to get there on the 3rd day! & as expected, the contour pencils I wanted were sold out :( Fear not! There were still so many other products to buy, so much so I wanted to buy the whole store! But I managed to stop myself & only bought products I needed....... Well, wanted, y'know us girls have to make up excuses for reasons to buy makeup we don't need ^_^ haha!

All of the products are so good! The eyeliner especially. I've never really been an eyeliner fan but just recently I was tempted to wear it & figured I hadn't actually got one. I know, what the hell. At least that's one product I genuinely needed! Ha! But anyway.. Yeah so, I got an eyeliner & wow. It is literally the blackest of the blackest eyeliner I've EVER used & it goes on instantly. Not one of those crappy ones you have to scrape your eyeballs out with practically to get it to go on haha.

I can say the same about the lip liner as I did the eyeliner, well, baring it isn't a black lip pencil but y'know what I mean. Super pigmented & soft on the lips. Beautiful! The colour is so pretty too, I'm definitely going to purchase every colour soon. Who wouldn't when they're only £2.50!?

I haven't used much of the concealer or powder yet so I can't really comment but the colours match well to my skin. Not too beige, pink or orange. Just right. I may even have to purchase a foundation to so I have the whole shabang!

So far & over all, I am definitely a fan of KIKO & I will be back in there every payday without a doubt! :D

Just Sparkle | Statement Body Chain

How gorgeous is the detailing on this stunning body chain!? I feel so lucky to have been gifted this! With me not having long left until I jet off to the other side of the world (blog post on this coming soon!), I just know I will be rocking it in my bikini all the time! ^_^

I love the marble details through out the chain. White & blue is such a pretty combination to put together! Imagine how cute this will look on sun kissed skin? Ahhh! Until then, with it being cold here in the UK, I will wear it with a black polo neck I think? Black is always a great canvas to show off something with so much detail like this piece &.. Everyone who knows me knows I live in black clothing so, it's perfect! You will definitely see pictures on my Instagram soon wearing this body chain! :D

Just Sparkle constantly bring out lots of super stunning pieces all the time & as stated in my last post on this brand, they're SO affordable. For the quality & how beautiful everything looks, you can't go wrong! I am such a big fan of this brand & you will definitely be seeing more of it on my blog & other social media platforms so be sure to keep an eye out! ;)

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