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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Kylie Jenner Inspired Makeup | #MakeUpWithCaitlin ♡

Inspiration Picture | Here

Girls, that luscious long princess haired girl is my little babe Caitlin. She's a makeup artist local to me & she is just wonderful! I booked her for my makeup for my leaving do last month & I've honestly, never felt so amazing in my life. I've had my makeup done by tons of people & never really loved it. & girls, c'mon, when your makeup isn't right when you're off out, it's a crisis isn't it? Yep, I know you hear me! *clicks fingers* haha!

Anyway, since she did my makeup I haven't stopped going on about her. You've probably seen me posting about her all over my social media haha! She's absolutely fabulous! :D & not long ago, I put a little status out there on my Facebook about wanting to collab with makeup artists to bring my readers some fabulous looks (I'm just not that good at makeup yet - waaa!) & makeup advice. & guess who popped up? Caitlin. What a doll! ♡

Long story short, we decided to come up with some ideas about what we want to put out there for you & our first idea was just a celeb inspiration look. This doesn't mean we've tried to make me into Kylie Jenner FYI! This just means we saw a makeup look on her that was beautiful & made it how we wanted it :)

I'm also VERY excited to tell you that this isn't the last you will be seeing of her as..... She's going to have a spot on my blog over the next few months! Yep, that's right. Caitlin will be doing her own posts on my blog to bring you more makeup looks & product advice ect. So anything you're interested in seeing, please leave in the comments & she will read through them & come up with some ideas. Exciting right? I think so! :D

If you want to see more of Caitlin's work, please follow her on her social media. She's just recently made a Facebook page so we'd both be super grateful if you could give it a like & maybe even a share too? Mucho appreciated! ^_^




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