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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

HD Brows by Hannah


I've never really rated HD Brows before, ever. I've had them done numerous times by a few different people & never thought it was worth the money (around £20-£25) Until Hannah at Face Makeup Studio got her hands on them! Hannah is literally the brow queen & this is the 2nd time I've had them done by her. Once before my holiday in June & again the other day.

The reason we went for HD is to try get my eyebrows back on track. Luckily for me, I've always had pretty good thick brows (What!? Doesn't look like it from the before picture!?) until someone & everyone got their mits on them & ruined them. Hannah was mortified as she's known me from being little & didn't realise how bad my brows had actually gotten, therefore, she recommend HD Brows. The reason they look so terrible in the before picture is because I had literally not touched them for 2 months. Hannah had told me to at least leave them for 4-6wks before having them done again so that I'm not constantly getting rid of hairs that can be used. Meaning them annoying little hairs that get in the way of your eyebrows pencil or shadow.. Can actually be useful!

The reason they're useful is because once they're tinted, along with the little white hairs under our brows that we can't usually see; they act as normal eyebrow hairs & can be shaped into the perfect shape! Hence why my eyebrows literally looked like they have just been wiped off & drawn on again - nope! We have just made use of the hairs we usually pull out.

The first time I had them done & even this time, I literally almost cried tears of joy!! Ask Hannah, she was laughing at me as if I was joking haha! I definitely recommend her if you're having eyebrow dilemmas like me - she will literally make you feel like a new woman! I swear I walked out of the studio snapping my fingers & flicking my hair like some sort of diva! Ha! Girls & their eyebrows ay?.... :)

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