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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Maybelline | COLORdrama

Keep It Classy | Nude Perfection

I have been dying to get my hands on these COLORdrama lip pencils since they launched, but never found the right shade. THEN, not long ago, I discovered Nude Perfection. The only issue was, it was out of stock, everywhere. I checked the typical places like Superdrug & Boots.. & even thought outside the box & tried the makeup section in Asda - still no luck. This was all before my holiday as well so I was a bit sad that I couldn't find it. But luckily enough I bought the perfect nude pencil at MAC at Duty Free just in time anyway. You can read that post here. Anyway, it slipped my mind & I forgot to even look for it until I went to Tesco late last night for some reason & to my suprise I found a little Maybelline section with ALL shades in stock. I thought I'd won the bloody lottery at this point! So I grab Nude Perfection & walk off... Until I walk back & remember there was a pound off (any excuse to buy more) so I decided to pick up another shade - Keep It Classy.

Both shades are so beautiful! Nude Perfection is a nude shade.. Y'know, just to clarify incase the shade name wasn't clear enough *winks*. & Keep It Classy; although appears quite pink, is more of a berry shade when applied. These COLORdrama liners just glide on so effortlessly & are full of colour! I absolutely adore them! I picked them up for £3.99 in my local Tesco but they're normally £4.99 in most stores. Definitely purchase if you don't have any already & if you do, let me know your favourite shade! ^_^

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