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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Dream Eyes Contact Lenses / 2nd Pair | SpookyEyes.Com

'Spin Blue Contact Lenses' / £19.59 | Here

After already being sent a pair of contact lenses from spookyeyes.com before, I was so excited when another pair came in the post the other day! My last pair were a brown pair which made my eyes appear bigger, the post can be found here. Where as this pair are a really cool blue contact lense; as you can see in the picture. I've put them in with minimal makeup (no mascara) so you can really see what they look like. I find makeup changes what lenses look like & I wanted the post to really show off just exactly how pretty they are! Of course, they don't look real, due to the little patterns in them but you have got to admit they really are beautiful? They make your eyes really stand out without looking to dramatic. I assume this work best with people who already have blue eyes like myself as they blend in easier. They also make these lenses in other colours for those of you who don't have blue eyes but want the same kind of pretty effect in your eyes! :) These are perfect for me because if I'm not complaining about wanting a different colour eye, I'm complaining that my eyes are one block boring blue colour - so these really help to make my eyes 'pop'. ^_^

For those of you who don't know how to apply contact lenses, follow these simple step by step instructions:

1. Make sure your hands are clean, you don't want any dirt getting on your lenses which will then be stuck on your eye all day - ouch!
2. Carefully place the lense on the tip of your index finger (that's the easiest way in my eyes - no pun intended! Ha!) & use your middle finger to pull down your bottom lid to create more space to pop in the lense.
3. Once placed on your eye, you may want to move your eye around so it fits nicely over your eye & then blink a couple of times to get rid of any eye watering.
4. VOILA! You are ready to rock your new eye colour! :D

I would love to see your results with contact lenses! Please post your links below if you've tried these lenses :D

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Monday, 20 July 2015

La Moda | Strappy Heels

La Moda 'Black Coffee' heels / £9.99 | Here

♡_♡ < I always have this face when I buy any shoes from La Moda. I absolutely ADORE their shoes andddd there's only a sale on at the minute isn't there!?!? I've been dying for a pair of strappy heels with a touch of white on & I hadn't seen any, anywhere! THEN, I came across these the other day. They're perfect because they have all my favourite colours in so I'm sure they will go with pretty much anything I wear - which is always a bonus. Another bonus is the fact that these only cost me £9.99!!!! WHAT!? Absolute bargain. They were down from £24.99 so it's over a 50% saving! Fabulous! As I'm writing this post I've been stopping to browse more shoes on La Moda & there's so, so many nice ones in the sale, let alone the new range they have in! I'm feeling to purchase these 'Hit 'Em Up Style' ones in both black & nude, both of which have just over a 50% saving as well, meaning they're only £9.99 too! Girls, stop what ever you're doing & go treat your self to some beautiful shoes! ;) Let me know what you buy!

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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Subtle Bronze Makeup / Buys

Revolution 'Mountains of Gold' Eyeshadow / £1 | Here
MUA Bronze & Sculpt Contour Kit in Light/Medium / £5 | Here
Revolution Medium Matte Bronzer / £2 | Here

Bronze makeup is my favourite. I probably have millions of products that all look the same but I can't help buying more when I see them shining at me in the shop *love struck*. Although I did smash my Sleek Contour Kit on holiday so a one was in need. Well, I decided to stray away from my beloved Sleek & try something new; & when that bright bronze looking packaging shouted me over at the MUA stand I was sold. All the consistencies of the products are so smooth & well pigmented; as well as being the perfect tones of browns/golds & bronzes! What more could I ask for really when them 3 products only totalled me £8? I decided to literally just wear them 3 products today (barring my lip pencil which is Nude Perfection from Maybelline). I've decided not to even wear mascara today. I sometimes like a glowy look without the whole shabang of mascara, eyeliner ect.. So I literally just contoured & highlighted my face with the MUA contour kit. Bronzed my cheeks & temples with the Revolution Bronzer (I usually use contour for my temples but the bronzer is matte so it worked just as well) & then I used the Mountains of Gold eyeshadows in the crease of my eyelid & lightly patted some on top of my highlighter for a more bronzy look. Going all out today with gold's aren't I!? What are your favourite bronzing bargains? ^_^

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Frankie & Benny's | Lunch Date

Anyone who knows me knows that Frankie & Benny's is one of my favourite places to eat. I love it! I'm definitely an Italian restaurant junkie & should most probably have more than 1/4 of Italian in my genes! If I could seriously eat pizza & pasta everyday without turning into either of those foods, I would. The 'Lunch Time' menu at F&B's is the BEST! There's so much to choose from & they're definitely not shy on the portions! (hence why there's no desserts!) I think all of what's in these pictures; including the drinks, came up to about £22? 2 main meals alone cost more than that usually so it's such a bargain!! I normally choose the pasta bolognese at F&B's, but after seeing my friend Zeena post about her wanting to do a pizza tour (click her name to read her blog & find out more) I was in the mood for pizza! & doesn't it look like a good choice? It was so delicious & cripsy & fresh - bellissimo!

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Body Jewellery Shop | Stud Earrings

Purchases these | The Body Jewellery Shop

I'm so happy I found these when rummaging through my post this morning. I was expecting a delivery from The Body Jewellery Shop awhile ago & then totally forgot I didn't receive it.... Or so I thought! I must have had this delivery since when it was expected & either myself or my Mum has just picked it up with other letters & put it aside - oopsie! At least I have them now because I was just in need of some earrings & they're so, so pretty!!! The best thing is, they're around £2!!! What a bloody bargain that is? I was kindly sent 3 pairs & all 3 are beautiful. As you can see from my picture, I chose to wear the Clear Jewelled Heart Studs & I love them. They have such a pretty shine on them, definitely gonna blind a few people with this bad boys ;) haha!! So farm they also feel super comfortable as well. Usually if I wear 'cheap' jewellery, they irritate my ears but I've had these in a couple hours now & they still feel as good as ones you'd pay a bit for - fabulous!!! I definitely recommend this site to purchase jewellery. They have accessories for every piercing & have so many styles for each one. I guarantee there is something for everyone on there & the prices just make it all that much better! Thanks again Body Shop Jewellery for glamming up my ears! You're a babe :D

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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Maybelline | COLORdrama

Keep It Classy | Nude Perfection

I have been dying to get my hands on these COLORdrama lip pencils since they launched, but never found the right shade. THEN, not long ago, I discovered Nude Perfection. The only issue was, it was out of stock, everywhere. I checked the typical places like Superdrug & Boots.. & even thought outside the box & tried the makeup section in Asda - still no luck. This was all before my holiday as well so I was a bit sad that I couldn't find it. But luckily enough I bought the perfect nude pencil at MAC at Duty Free just in time anyway. You can read that post here. Anyway, it slipped my mind & I forgot to even look for it until I went to Tesco late last night for some reason & to my suprise I found a little Maybelline section with ALL shades in stock. I thought I'd won the bloody lottery at this point! So I grab Nude Perfection & walk off... Until I walk back & remember there was a pound off (any excuse to buy more) so I decided to pick up another shade - Keep It Classy.

Both shades are so beautiful! Nude Perfection is a nude shade.. Y'know, just to clarify incase the shade name wasn't clear enough *winks*. & Keep It Classy; although appears quite pink, is more of a berry shade when applied. These COLORdrama liners just glide on so effortlessly & are full of colour! I absolutely adore them! I picked them up for £3.99 in my local Tesco but they're normally £4.99 in most stores. Definitely purchase if you don't have any already & if you do, let me know your favourite shade! ^_^

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