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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

#PaigesShishaTour | Reflexion Lounge

I was inspired by one of my friend's idea of doing a tour of your favourite spots around your local city. Zeena decided to do a #ZeenasPizzaTour where she updates you on all the best places to eat pizza in London! Erm, perfect right!? & although I loveeeee pizza, almost more than anything in the world.. I didn't want to take her idea exactly so I've decided to do something similar but with shisha spots!

Everyone knows by now that I'm a shisha lover & you can catch me at a shisha bar at least twice a week. If you haven't guessed already, my hashtag is going to be #PaigesShishaTour :D The idea of hash tagging it is so I can see where your favourite spots are & try to visit them & blog them too! So be sure to hash tag that if you visit any shisha bars - even if you're not in Manchester! :)

So, as stated, one must head for a shisha! This time, I ended up in Reflexion Lounge on Salford Quays. This spot is so beautiful & it's fairly new too! It over looks the water & inside is decorated so classy. Not to mention the smoothies & shisha being absolutely delicious. I like it here. Although I must say, if you're a chatter box & like to talk to everyone in the world like me, there isn't much of an atmosphere as the staff dont tend to interact with you much. However, that's fine by most & they are all still very polite - which of course is a must! I guess I've just been spoiled from the guys at my usual shisha spot who have now become my good friends & make every visit fun & welcoming :) (blog post to come soon) I definitely do still recommend this place though, really cool place to relax, especially on a warm night (not that we get many in MCR haha!)

So if you're ever visiting Manchester & want a cool vibe place to relax in, head here - you'll enjoy it! ^_^

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