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Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Airport Pub

I love this place. Takes me back to mine & Matthew's plane watching days.. Yes, we did used to sit at the airport in a secret hill right next to the runway in the summer & watch the planes *covers face* :). We tried to visit here a couple weekends ago but the car park was full & there isn't really anywhere else to park unless you want to walk a million miles, so we got lucky today thank goodness! Haha!

As you may have figured from the food diaries I've been doing (I know, I've only done 4 of them haha! But I did tell you all it would get repetitive so I didn't want to do them everyday. Plus I was ill for a few days & didn't eat much - I still ate good though :D) ANYWAY, as I was saying.. From my food diaries you can see I've been on a health kick & up until this one meal/cheeky desert.. I've still been eating good.

The food here is incredible though - that was literally the best lasagne I have ever ate & any Italian restaurant I go to, I usually get a lasagne - so that's pretty damn good!! Matthew's burger looked yummy too! & it had a cute little Italian flag that I wanted to keep y'know, just to try show off my heritage haha! but that failed when Matthew forgot to take it off his plate/board thingy & the waiter took it away :( Nevermind ay!?

I would definitely 100% come back here. The staff were so, so lovely & helpful! & it's super cool inside. If you look on that picture of the seating area inside, it's like being inside the engines! Well, it looks like that anyway! :D If any of you are from Manchester, I definitely recommend coming here, especially on a sunny day when you can sit on the outdoor sofa area, or even on the grass! If you try it out, let me know! ^_^

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