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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Nike Roshe One

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I've been looking for a new pair of gym trainers for awhile now as my present ones are getting a little tatty. I ordered these the other week so I would have them in time for when I start training with my PT (I'll fill you in on that in another post) & these conveniently arrived just before I headed to London with Matthew (again, yet another post to be done as well as vlogs to follow - yes guys, my YouTube is on it's way back!!).
ANYWAY, back to the post.. These trainers are extremely comfy. Well, they are now I've worn them a couple times. I always find Nike trainers are always pretty tight when you first get them. I'm usually a 3 in shoes/trainers/anything haha, but I always get a 3.5 in Nike just to save that discomfort & have a little more space, & even then they still feel a bit small. Now I've made it through to pain & blisters (I know, ouch!).. I love them! They're pretty stylish too. I've never really been a fan of the Roshe range but they're growing on me a little. I've even worn them with black skinny jeans, turned up at the bottoms with a loose fit jumper & it's such a simple, casual outfit. I love the detailing on the trainers too, they kinda look a bit scaly with a glossy finish - beaut! I know we don't go to the gym for a fashion show.... *cough cough* but still, who turns down being able to workout comfortably AS WELL AS looking good. No one right? Exactly!
So yeah, I'm loving these trainers at the moment & if you are as lucky as me & are able to get away with kids sizes, they're only £40. Link found underneath the image at the top. :)

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