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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Food Diary | Day 4

Breakfast | Mixed fruit platter with natural yoghurt
Dinner | Scrambled egg, 2 sausages with a side salad
Tea | Cajun chicken & baby potato salad

Day 4 - wahoo! Excuse the fact it's a couple days late. I should be technically posting day 6 today as it's Saturday but I worked a late to early from the Thursday to Friday & then since then I've caught some kind of flu or something. Don't worry though, I've still been eating healthy - ain't nothing stopping me from eating good now! Haha! But, I've just not ate enough to tell you about, I've just been snacking on fruit & salad & protein shakes to keep me going. So yeah. This post is actually day 4, just a little late.

Still doing kinda okay for variety! Well, I supposed I've had fruit with yoghurt for breakfast once before but at least I picked different fruits this time! :D Dinner was nice too. It felt weird having sausages for dinner but I've still not done my big meat shop so I'm just bearing with what's already in my house - not much now I need to go shopping!! Oh &.. I have a funny story about my tea.

Well, I didn't find it funny at the time but I guess it kinda is now haha. I made that in work on my break on Thursdsy & I didn't realise my salad had bits of rocket in. I HATE rocket by the way - ugh. So anyway, I almost gets through the whole thing without eating a piece - lucky really because it's like my mind knew it was in there so I tried to avoid it. So I get to the last few pieces of salad I thought to myself - "just get it eaten Paige, it's a few pieces of grass for god's sake!". So I look at it for a bit & then I give in & just try to finish.... WELL, only then did I realise I had been arguing with myself over eating the most disgusting grass on earth - rocket. I bit into it & instantly my eyes & mouth watered because I hate it that much. I ran from the cafe area to the back & *whispers* sicked it up. Ewww, I know, totes gross but it just happened. & from that day on, it has confirmed it once again, just how much I hate rocket.

On that note, I'm off, just the thought is enough to send me under again haha! O_O

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