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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Food Diary | Day 2

Breakfast | Porridge with syrup & mixed berries
Dinner | Omelette with cajun spices, ham & salad
Tea | Stuffed pepper, salmon with garlic & herbs & salad

Day 2 seems to be going well & you'll ever guess what, I didn't have ANYTHING the same as yesterday!!! Achievement or what!? Haha! An even bigger achievement of mine though was eating fish O_O The smell alone is enough to put me off so I always wondered how awful the taste would be, but, I ate it. (Matthew, if you're reading, don't shout at me, I know you've been trying to get me to try fish for years! Oops! *covers face*)

Today I didn't really snack in between which is kinda bad really, eating less is never a good idea. I mean, eating smaller portions yes, but not less meals. I'm going to try get at least 5 in a day, even if 2 of them are literally something small like a bit of fruit or a natural yoghurt. Keeps your metabolism going!

On a good note though, I have drank plenty of water, probably nearly 2ltrs & I've still got some more fast walking to do! < I know, fast walking? But, my Momma not long ago had knee reconstruction so she's limited to what she can do & wants to join in & build her strength on her leg again. & anyway, I'm starting with my PT Thursday which will be x3 a week so I'm sure that alongside these hilly walks will do me some good - eek! Righteo, off to change into gym wear & head off to the park again, speak soon my dears! ^_^
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  1. You're doing so well - and well done on eating fish ha ha.
    I started eating clean and counting calories but I give up so easy, so with seeing your posts you're 100% motivating me to stick to it once and for all - plus you have made fab food choices (look so yummy) will definitely be following along your food diaries!


    1. Aww thank you!! ^_^

      Haha yeah the fish was a problem but I actually ended up enjoying it!

      I'm super happy my posts are motivating you, making a lifestyle change is so hard but once you get past the first few days it just becomes, well, a lifestyle :-D

      Thank you for reading! ^_^


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