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Monday, 4 May 2015

Food Diary | Day 1

Breakfast | Scrambled egg & salad with a peppermint/green tea
Dinner | Baby potatoes with herbs, pomegranate & salad
Tea | Chicken breast chunks with mixed peppers & rice

Ok guys, today is the day I get back into old ways & start living a healthier lifestyle. It's taken me months & months to get the motivation to start being healthy again & with my holiday creeping up in 6wks, I decided I better get started!
The picture above shows my main 3 meals that I ate today. I didn't include my snacks for some reason but in between both meals I ate a mixed melon fruit salad & a mixed berry fruit salad with a protein smoothie. I'm going to try & post food diaries as often as I can. However, I won't do it every day due to the fact it will probably get quite repetitive. I'm pretty boring with my food so it'll only be somewhat interesting for a few days haha! Although I will post regular smoothie recipes! My Mum loves making them, as do I, but I'll hold my hands up & admit she just has the touch more than I do to making them perfect! So I often let Mum take over. She won't mind me sharing the recipes though, right Mum? ;) haha!
Anyway, off for a little jog/fast walk in the park with my Mum & Niece, speak soon! ^_^

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