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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Flowers | iFlorist

When I finally got the chance to have a lie in this morning & was awoken by the postman, I wasn't the happiest little bunnie.. Until I opened the door to the most friendliest postman holding a huge box with flowers inside! What girl doesn't want to be awoken to a big bouquet of flowers? ^_^

iFlorist deliver flowers WORLDWIDE!! Uh huh, so even for all you lovely readers around the world, you can also get your flowers from here! They have so, so many beautiful flowers for any occasion, even if they're just for yourself for in your bedroom, or living room. They have so much variety that I hardly doubt there isn't something on there you will like.

The flowers come so well packaged as well it's incredible. As mentioned before, they come in a box which they are well secured in, along with water to keep them as fresh as possible for delivery. They're also wrapped in pretty cellophane too & just to top it off, you get sent a little gretting card with it also! How cute? Perfect if you're sending them to someone as a gift. ^_^

The greatest thing about iFlorist is the fact you can order up to 7pm, yep 7PM for next day delivery!! How handy is that? Also, if you order now, there's free delivery for any orders over £30 using the code FREE30. Get buying girlies, you know you deserve a treat! ;)

Thank you iFlorist for my beautiful flowers, they look so pretty in my house! ^_^

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Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Airport Pub

I love this place. Takes me back to mine & Matthew's plane watching days.. Yes, we did used to sit at the airport in a secret hill right next to the runway in the summer & watch the planes *covers face* :). We tried to visit here a couple weekends ago but the car park was full & there isn't really anywhere else to park unless you want to walk a million miles, so we got lucky today thank goodness! Haha!

As you may have figured from the food diaries I've been doing (I know, I've only done 4 of them haha! But I did tell you all it would get repetitive so I didn't want to do them everyday. Plus I was ill for a few days & didn't eat much - I still ate good though :D) ANYWAY, as I was saying.. From my food diaries you can see I've been on a health kick & up until this one meal/cheeky desert.. I've still been eating good.

The food here is incredible though - that was literally the best lasagne I have ever ate & any Italian restaurant I go to, I usually get a lasagne - so that's pretty damn good!! Matthew's burger looked yummy too! & it had a cute little Italian flag that I wanted to keep y'know, just to try show off my heritage haha! but that failed when Matthew forgot to take it off his plate/board thingy & the waiter took it away :( Nevermind ay!?

I would definitely 100% come back here. The staff were so, so lovely & helpful! & it's super cool inside. If you look on that picture of the seating area inside, it's like being inside the engines! Well, it looks like that anyway! :D If any of you are from Manchester, I definitely recommend coming here, especially on a sunny day when you can sit on the outdoor sofa area, or even on the grass! If you try it out, let me know! ^_^

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Food Diary | Day 4

Breakfast | Mixed fruit platter with natural yoghurt
Dinner | Scrambled egg, 2 sausages with a side salad
Tea | Cajun chicken & baby potato salad

Day 4 - wahoo! Excuse the fact it's a couple days late. I should be technically posting day 6 today as it's Saturday but I worked a late to early from the Thursday to Friday & then since then I've caught some kind of flu or something. Don't worry though, I've still been eating healthy - ain't nothing stopping me from eating good now! Haha! But, I've just not ate enough to tell you about, I've just been snacking on fruit & salad & protein shakes to keep me going. So yeah. This post is actually day 4, just a little late.

Still doing kinda okay for variety! Well, I supposed I've had fruit with yoghurt for breakfast once before but at least I picked different fruits this time! :D Dinner was nice too. It felt weird having sausages for dinner but I've still not done my big meat shop so I'm just bearing with what's already in my house - not much now I need to go shopping!! Oh &.. I have a funny story about my tea.

Well, I didn't find it funny at the time but I guess it kinda is now haha. I made that in work on my break on Thursdsy & I didn't realise my salad had bits of rocket in. I HATE rocket by the way - ugh. So anyway, I almost gets through the whole thing without eating a piece - lucky really because it's like my mind knew it was in there so I tried to avoid it. So I get to the last few pieces of salad I thought to myself - "just get it eaten Paige, it's a few pieces of grass for god's sake!". So I look at it for a bit & then I give in & just try to finish.... WELL, only then did I realise I had been arguing with myself over eating the most disgusting grass on earth - rocket. I bit into it & instantly my eyes & mouth watered because I hate it that much. I ran from the cafe area to the back & *whispers* sicked it up. Ewww, I know, totes gross but it just happened. & from that day on, it has confirmed it once again, just how much I hate rocket.

On that note, I'm off, just the thought is enough to send me under again haha! O_O

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Food Diary | Day 3

Breakfast | Natural yoghurt with a side of mango, grapes & berries
Dinner | Pesto pasta with salad & a banana
Tea | Garlic & herb potatos, spicy meatballs & salad

Day 3 & I'm still eating different foods (barring the salad of course!) feeling pretty damn good & spontaneous haha!! Although today, my tea wasn't as spontaneous as I wanted it to be. I did want chicken breast for tea in like a spicy marinade. But because I'm supposed to be heading to the meat mart tomorrow, I didn't want to go & buy a load of meat when I can get it in bulk for cheaper! So I just stuck with what was already in. I also ate 1 too many potatoes than I should but they're so delicious! We all do the odd wrong thing at the beginning of a lifestyle change I guess. But the way I look at it is, I'm eating a lot better than I was so that's still an achievement.

That's the best thing to do really when 'dieting' or what ever you want to call it. Is, to not be so hard on yourself. I often find that's why we fail because we go from one extreme to the other without being realistic & setting achievable goals. I mean, I've been a lot stricter than this before but... Look what happened there. Sooo, this time, I'm still eating enjoyable things but with better food options & eventually I'll just get healthier & healthier & closers to my goals :)

I had a lovely comment today from a beautiful lady called Lauren (cautivar.com) on one of my food diary posts & it makes me so happy that I'm helping motivate people with these kind of posts. She's super stunning & her blog is a great read too - please check out her blog! :)

If any of you would be interested in recipes or anything else 'diet' related. Please let me know & I'll put more food/fitness stuff on here! ^_^

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Favourite Skincare Products | Nivea

Soothing Cleansing Mousse | Here
Regenerating Night Cream | Here
Express Hydration Primer | Here
Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes | Here

I absolutely adore Nivea. Always have & most probably always will! It wasn't often I moisturised daily because I never really found a moisturiser that didn't feel greasy or look greasy on the skin - especially for one you want to wear for the day! Night time does't bother me too much about what it feels like because I'm off to bed anyway! But nothing felt worse on the skin in the day than a thick moisturiser, yack! Until I found these super lovely products from Nivea.

Soothing Cleansing Mouuse - This feels so nice! I love mousse type products. Back in my fake tanning days I always used mousses then, so when I found a mousse cleanser, I just HAD to get it! I can't say I've used it enough to give you some great detail but I know it feels fabulous & smells delicious too!

Regenerating Night Cream - Although this cream is on the thicker side, I did mention I don't mind that so much if it's a cream I use before bed. & this just so happens to be a night one! Waheyy! :D So yeah, this cream is thicker than I would prefer but it does the job & is very moisturising on the skin. IT really does make your skin super soft after it has soaked in.

Express Hydration Primer - This is practically like water - hence 'hydration' in the title ;) I absolutely love it & the fact that it's a primer also is just a double whammy of goodness! This product feels so refreshing & cool on your skin, perfect for in the morning when you get up all tired! Especially if you have to be up at 5am like me sometimes - wahhh! & just like the night cream, it makes your skin feel so soft. What more could we want!? Soft skin is everythingggg!

Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes - These right here are my holy grail! I cannot live without facial wipes & these are so moisturising I love them! They're that good, I sometimes be super lazy & miss out on using my creams, just because these wipes are so nice. They are quite pricey though, well, they're £3, so it's not bad really. Unless of course you go through them like no tomorrow & use them to take off your makeup like I do. Ooops! Haha!

All of these Nivea products are on offer at the moment at Tesco too. Well, they are at my Tesco in Prestwich anyway haha! XD I got them for almost 50% off which is fabulous considering they're super good value for money anyway, with the creams ranging from around £4. Be sure to try them out if you can. Nivea have ranges of products for all skin types too. I tend to get a mixture of 'dry to normal' or 'dry to combination' as my skin seems to change now & then the little bugger! :)


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Food Diary | Day 2

Breakfast | Porridge with syrup & mixed berries
Dinner | Omelette with cajun spices, ham & salad
Tea | Stuffed pepper, salmon with garlic & herbs & salad

Day 2 seems to be going well & you'll ever guess what, I didn't have ANYTHING the same as yesterday!!! Achievement or what!? Haha! An even bigger achievement of mine though was eating fish O_O The smell alone is enough to put me off so I always wondered how awful the taste would be, but, I ate it. (Matthew, if you're reading, don't shout at me, I know you've been trying to get me to try fish for years! Oops! *covers face*)

Today I didn't really snack in between which is kinda bad really, eating less is never a good idea. I mean, eating smaller portions yes, but not less meals. I'm going to try get at least 5 in a day, even if 2 of them are literally something small like a bit of fruit or a natural yoghurt. Keeps your metabolism going!

On a good note though, I have drank plenty of water, probably nearly 2ltrs & I've still got some more fast walking to do! < I know, fast walking? But, my Momma not long ago had knee reconstruction so she's limited to what she can do & wants to join in & build her strength on her leg again. & anyway, I'm starting with my PT Thursday which will be x3 a week so I'm sure that alongside these hilly walks will do me some good - eek! Righteo, off to change into gym wear & head off to the park again, speak soon my dears! ^_^
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Monday, 4 May 2015

Evening Run | Heaton Park

Trainers | Nike Roshe One
Shaker | Matrix Nutrition

I was supposed to go spinning tonight but my Momma & Niece wanted to go for a walk/run/what ever we can all deal with doing haha! So, I did that instead. The outdoors are much more occupying than the gym. Don't get me wrong, I love the gym, but look at that view!! That view was at the top of a hill, which let me just add I did run up, yep, be proud please, it's very steep! *smug face* haha! & that hill just so happens to be the highest point in Manchester, so I've heard anyway! The view is beautiful, it's crazy how much you can actually see from up there, love it.

Also, I mentioned a PT in one of my posts the other day & me & my friend will be starting with him on Thursday - so this run is to try prep me a little as he's already warned me he's about to kill me, lordddd help us! Haha! He's also agreed to help me take pictures mid workout & progress pics ect so I will be able to keep you all updated on my fitness journey too - yay! Holiday soon, gotta grow that peach for the beach! ;)

Anyway, one is going to sign off as I have work at 5am - I know, sucks right? :'( haha!

Goodnight dears. x

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Food Diary | Day 1

Breakfast | Scrambled egg & salad with a peppermint/green tea
Dinner | Baby potatoes with herbs, pomegranate & salad
Tea | Chicken breast chunks with mixed peppers & rice

Ok guys, today is the day I get back into old ways & start living a healthier lifestyle. It's taken me months & months to get the motivation to start being healthy again & with my holiday creeping up in 6wks, I decided I better get started!
The picture above shows my main 3 meals that I ate today. I didn't include my snacks for some reason but in between both meals I ate a mixed melon fruit salad & a mixed berry fruit salad with a protein smoothie. I'm going to try & post food diaries as often as I can. However, I won't do it every day due to the fact it will probably get quite repetitive. I'm pretty boring with my food so it'll only be somewhat interesting for a few days haha! Although I will post regular smoothie recipes! My Mum loves making them, as do I, but I'll hold my hands up & admit she just has the touch more than I do to making them perfect! So I often let Mum take over. She won't mind me sharing the recipes though, right Mum? ;) haha!
Anyway, off for a little jog/fast walk in the park with my Mum & Niece, speak soon! ^_^

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Drape Top | Chica Modas

Necklace - Orelia London
Top - Chica Modas

I have been eyeing this beautiful drape top from Chica Modas for some time now debating on whether to purchase. Well, it wasn't really a debate tbh, I knew I was going to buy it, I was just tryna figure out whether it would suit me or not. You always see the prettiest clothes on the most petite, slimmest models & with me not being one, I didn't know whether this would look okay. Either way, it's here now & I love it. I actually find it pretty flattering actually! So for all my curvy, busty ladies, fear not! This top will suit you! ^_^ I can't wait to wear it on my holiday next month with some high waisted denim shorts! Ahh summer, I cannot wait for you any longer!!

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Nike Roshe One

| Buy these here |

I've been looking for a new pair of gym trainers for awhile now as my present ones are getting a little tatty. I ordered these the other week so I would have them in time for when I start training with my PT (I'll fill you in on that in another post) & these conveniently arrived just before I headed to London with Matthew (again, yet another post to be done as well as vlogs to follow - yes guys, my YouTube is on it's way back!!).
ANYWAY, back to the post.. These trainers are extremely comfy. Well, they are now I've worn them a couple times. I always find Nike trainers are always pretty tight when you first get them. I'm usually a 3 in shoes/trainers/anything haha, but I always get a 3.5 in Nike just to save that discomfort & have a little more space, & even then they still feel a bit small. Now I've made it through to pain & blisters (I know, ouch!).. I love them! They're pretty stylish too. I've never really been a fan of the Roshe range but they're growing on me a little. I've even worn them with black skinny jeans, turned up at the bottoms with a loose fit jumper & it's such a simple, casual outfit. I love the detailing on the trainers too, they kinda look a bit scaly with a glossy finish - beaut! I know we don't go to the gym for a fashion show.... *cough cough* but still, who turns down being able to workout comfortably AS WELL AS looking good. No one right? Exactly!
So yeah, I'm loving these trainers at the moment & if you are as lucky as me & are able to get away with kids sizes, they're only £40. Link found underneath the image at the top. :)

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