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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Park Day

I absolutely LOVE going for walks in the park, especially when the weather is as beautiful as it has been this past week or so. It's reached around 20degrees I think, which is actually pretty hot for the UK! This morning me & Matthew went for a run in Heaton Park; & then later on this afternoon as it got cooler, but still pleasant enough to be outside with no coats, we headed to Longford Park. Both are lovely places to walk. Heaton Park is somewhere you can spend hours at! Mid jog, we took a few pit stops to feed the squirrels as well as there is lots of woodland areas with little streams running through. Matthew even managed to get a little bird to pick some nuts out of his hand, so jel! I absolutely adore animals! The pictures taken above were in Longford Park at my favourite spot to sit down. It's so peaceful & pretty to look at. Matthew took those pictures for me, he's getting into the swing of this 'taking photos for my blog' malarkey, he's doing good! Haha! Hope you have all had a pretty day today my beauties! ^_^

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Adapt Nutrition | AdaptoLean

Well, first of all, let me just apologise to those that have been waiting awhile to see a post on these little bad boys! I was determined to get back into the gym when I was first given them & then for personal reasons I was un-motivated & blah blah.. & then finally, I've been back in the gym again! You'll probably know already if you follow me on Instagram, I've been posting snippets of my workouts. Gotta grow that peach for the beach! ;)

ANYWAY.. Moving onto the subject of the post.. Adapt Nutrition.

What is Adapt Nutrition?

Adapt Nutrition is a company made by a lovely gentleman called Adam Dickinson who trains at the gym I work at. The products he has created help enable your body to perform to the best of it's ability. Adapt products contain clinically proven, effective ingredients to ensure you can always go that extra mile in your workouts! I know right, impressive huh? ;)

What products can I expect to buy from Adapt Nutrition?

You can expect to buy products that range from helping with performance & strength, to products that help with becoming more lean & defined. The product I have is the 'AdaptoLean' which helps with becoming lean.. Just as the name of the product says! :D

Ok, I like the sound of that! I want to try AdaptoLean, where can I purchase & how do I use it?

You can purchase this product from the website. I have also seen Adapt Nutrition stocked in a local supplement store called SK Sports which is located in Trafford, Manchester.
The way to use these is to have 2 of the capsules with water, in the morning with breakfast. If you don't eat breakfast, please try to, it's honestly one of the most important meals of the day! Then, you can also take another 2 a minimum of 4 hours later, preferably 30 mins before lunch. As seen on the packaging there is a little 'Directions' bit on the back which tells you this information. :)

Have you seen any results?

To be honest, although I've had this product a couple weeks, I haven't taken them/trained enough to notice a real difference in my body - however, I have noticed it help reduce my appetite in the short while I've been trying these out, which is one of the main reasons people would probably purchase this product. I'm super bad for snacking, so this was a real bonus for me! & if that isn't enough to make you want this product, another big factor is the fact it helps to boost your metabolic rate. Double whammy of fantastic-ness! :D

For all you people out there who are super duper, gym people & know your stuff & want to know further details on this products, please, please have a read of this, right here. It tells you everything about the ingredients & further details on what it helps you achieve. The website is funky too & so easy to navigate. There's a 'Product Information' & 'Supplement Information' tab on each product.

Website - www.adaptnutrition.co.uk
Instagram - @BeStrongAdapt
Twitter - @BeStrongAdapt
Facebook - Adapt Nutrtion
Blog - www.adaptnutrition.co.uk/blog
(click the links to go directly to each of the social medias/wesbite)

Also, don't forget to hashtag 'bestrongadapt' when ever you post about Adapt! :D

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Friday, 17 April 2015

Chunky Knit Jumper | Blue Vanilla

Such a pretty package to wake up again today, this time from 'Blue Vanilla'. Like, just look at that packaging, super cute! ♡_♡ Blue Vanilla is a great online store if you're looking for affordable clothing with great quality. This jumper is so lightweight & the material is so nice! I'm usually quite fussy with knitwear as it usually irritates my skin a little, but I've worn this jumper for the majority of the day today & it isn't bothering me at all, I still have it on now actually! ^_^ I absolutely adore the detailing of the front of the jumper. I don't know how long I've been waiting to find a more 'stylish' jumper that's flattering. For me especially, wearing baggy jumpers isn't always a good idea, as y'know, well, I have quite big boobies... *covers face*. So something like this looks a lot less, 'frumpy' - fabulous! You can find this exact jumper here. They also have this jumper in other colours too. All my clothing is usually black or earthy colours, but with it almost being summer time, I thought why the hell not pick something with a beautiful bright colour! So I did :D Blue Vanilla also offers some lovely printed items that would be perfect for holidays! I've just been browsing them here, now. Also, for all you lucky students, Blue Vanilla offers 15% discount for you all, so definitely make use of that! Happy shopping my chicas! ^_^

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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Calvin Klein Lipsticks

Rose Rush | Henna | Heat Wave | Orange Too

You all must know by now that I have a serious obsession with lipsticks & liners.. So when I saw this deal on Groupon for 4 CK lipsticks for just £6.98, or 6 for £10.99, I just couldn't resist! You can find the deal here. I was lucky enough to get a beautiful variety of colours as well, as you don't get to choose which shades you like, they just send you random ones. As listed above from top to bottom, I was sent 2 of the orange/brown shades & 2 of the pink/nude shades - perfect! All of these colours are wearable, although I will probably save the orangey ones until we get some better weather! There again, the sun is shining a little today which is nice, maybe I'll be brave & rock the 'Orange Too' colour ;) Have a beautiful day my lovelies! ^_^

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Orelia Jewellery ♡

I was SO excited when I woke up to some beautiful jewellery items in the post today from Orelia Jewellery. Every single piece of jewellery is just as beautiful as the story behind the inspiration of this brand. You can have a read of how this brand came about here. I decided to pick the Feather Torque Necklace & the Arrow Charm Bangle. These pieces are so, so pretty! I love all of the styles on Orelia, they are just right up my street in terms of jewellery. I'm pretty sure most pieces, if not all are gold & that's why I love it so much! They're all super girly, delicate pieces & fabulous value for money with the quality! I cannot wait to rock these pieces more when we get a little more sunshine - hopefully tomorrow on my day off work, yay! Also, Orelia have gave all of my readers 20% off if you click on the image below & enter ORELIA20 at checkout! Happy shopping my dears! ^_^

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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Dream Eyes Contact Lenses | SpookyEyes.Com

It wasn't long ago I was saying how long it's been since my obsession with wearing brown contacts lenses! I used to wear them every day almost with hopes my eyes would magically change colour to brown haha! I just find big brown eyes so beautiful! Ahhh :( Anyway, not to worry, I was thankfully sent some 'Brown Big Eyes' contact lenses from www.spookyeyes.com so I can now change up my look again! :) These contact lenses are SO comfortable to wear as well. A lot of different places I've tried in the past, you can really feel them on your eyes & they can irritate, where as I found these didn't irritate my eyes at all & I wore them pretty much all day yesterday to really test them out. The only downside & I literally mean the ONLY downside & it isn't even really a downside to be honest is that, this style doesn't really seem to cover your whole eye, so you can still tell my eyes are blue & they just have a dark brown ring around them. I think that's cool though! They make my eyes appear bigger & they look unique, but to others, that may not be what you're looking for. If you have blue eyes & like this look then be sure to try them out! I love them either way. I think they'd look SUPER pretty on someone with hazel or green eyes though - wow! 'Spooky Eyes' does offer a HUGE range of different contact lenses though so there will no doubts be a colour & style that is perfect for you. I'm going to buy this same style in the 'Evening Grey' colour, they look gorggg!

Now, for people who are wondering how you put them in if you've never tried contact lenses before, then here's a written demonstration on how to:

1. Make sure your hands are clean, you don't want any dirt getting on your lenses which will then be stuck on your eye all day - ouch!
2. Carefully place the lense on the tip of your index finger (that's the easiest way in my eyes - no pun intended! Ha!) & use your middle finger to pull down your bottom lid to create more space to pop in the lense.
3. Once placed on your eye, you may want to move your eye around so it fits nicely over your eye & then blink a couple of times to get rid of any eye watering.
4. VOILA! You are ready to rock your new eye colour! :D

I would LOVE to see what you guys look with your change of eye colour if you decide to purchase! If you do, please post your blog post links in the comments & I will read them! :D

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Monday, 6 April 2015

Date Day | The Romper Pub

Hello sunshine! Manchester has been so beautiful today! It hit around 18degrees which is pretty warm compared to our usual rubbish cold weather. Matthew being the babe that he is, decided to take me to a lovely pub right by the airport for a little drink; I chose Pimms & him fruit cider, yummy! It was so lovely to actually sit outside in the sun, I don't think we've had warm weather since sometime last year which is just no good for me! We sat there for an hour or so & talked about our future & stuff. We like to do that when we get a minute to think. It makes my belly fizz every time! We have so many amazing things we want to achieve & places we want to visit. I just can't wait to share all of our adventures with you too. ^_^

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