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Friday, 20 March 2015

Latex Waist Trainer | MiracleWaistShapers

Not even exaggerating a little teeny weeny bit.. But, I genuinely feel like a new woman now I have my waist trainer! *wipes happy tear* :') I was super grateful to have been sent this from my fabulous ladies at MiracleWaistShapers all the way from the US!!! I received my waist trainer yesterday & almost slept in it because I didn't want to take it off that much! I seriously think I am some diva now, snapping my fingers & flicking my hair about the place, it takes over you & just turns you into a new woman!! Ha! But anyway, enough of me rambling on my feelings towards this fabulous product & let me tell you more about it & answer some FAQ's you may have! :)

What do waist trainers help you achieve?

- A waist trainer aims to help you contour your body, help with posture & loses inches off your waist instantly (meaning whilst you're wearing it, you appear a lot slimmer - love it!)

How does it work?

- You've got to be pretty patient if you want it to make a permanent change & not just a quick change whilst it's on. The best way to start would be to wear your trainer around 4hrs a day & gradually build up the hours as you feel more comfortable.

How do I know which trainer is best for me?

- Ask the girls! They are absolutely FABULOUS as I mentioned earlier & are happy to pick a trainer best suited to you if they know what it is you want to achieve.

What size do I get?

- On the website there is a size chart to help you pick the size best suited for you. Alternatively you can contact them through their website or also send them an email. I will link all of their social medias at the bottom of this post! :)

Which waist trainer is the one you have & how do I order if I decide I want one?

- The trainer I have is this one here. I have the 2 hook latex trainer & I love it! As I stated a million times before - oops! *hands over face* & if you decide you want to order you can purchase through the website, or feel feel to email the girls, say you've seen it from my blog & say a quick hello! They'll be super pleased to have some more UK chicks rocking their trainers! :D

What are all of MiracleWaistShapers social medias?

- Instagram : @miraclewaistshapers & @miraclewaistshapers_x
- Twitter : @fashionkilla29
- Website : www.miraclewaistshapers.bigcartel.com
- Facebook : Miracle Waist Shapers

Again, I want to say a huge thank you to the girls at MiracleWaistShapers for being so helpful, friendly & inspiring! Much love ladies!♡ #miraclewaistteam #internationallove

PS. I will be keeping you all updated on my progress over the weeks so keep your eyes peeled! ^_^

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