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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Elf Cosmetics | Moisturizing Foundation Stick

Left: No foundation | Right: Foundation

I CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW HAPPY I AM THAT I HAVE FOUND THIS! Woah, excuse the caps but I am just SO happy right now. Since forever I have hated how pink my cheeks are, some say I'm lucky to have them, me & others who feel my pain disagree. I have searched high & low for products to cover my redness. I have used creams that claim to reduce redness & blemishes from various brands.. Never worked. I have used green primer to hide it.. Worked a tad but not much & I have tried the thickest foundations with concealer to cover it & nothing EVER seems to work; until now. I am not even exaggerating when I say to literally need one layer of this foundation & VOILA! Full coverage with a nice texture to finish - that must be the moisturising goodness in it that does that! :) This foundation also goes on so smoothly & perfect, glides on the skin lets say! For £7.95 (£3.90 something because I bought it in the 50% off) I just can't praise it enough. The absolute BEST foundation I have ever used! I think I may buy it in a variety of colours so I can contour with it too. I'm gonna have to buy another anyway as the colour I have now (Nude) is perfect to use under my eyes but is a little pale for an all over colour on my skin but fear not! I shall be ordering more today! Honestly beauties - you NEED this foundation, especially if you suffer with pink blotchy skin like me. Elf Cosmetics, I love you forever & always for changing my life! <3

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