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Friday, 20 March 2015

Latex Waist Trainer | MiracleWaistShapers

Not even exaggerating a little teeny weeny bit.. But, I genuinely feel like a new woman now I have my waist trainer! *wipes happy tear* :') I was super grateful to have been sent this from my fabulous ladies at MiracleWaistShapers all the way from the US!!! I received my waist trainer yesterday & almost slept in it because I didn't want to take it off that much! I seriously think I am some diva now, snapping my fingers & flicking my hair about the place, it takes over you & just turns you into a new woman!! Ha! But anyway, enough of me rambling on my feelings towards this fabulous product & let me tell you more about it & answer some FAQ's you may have! :)

What do waist trainers help you achieve?

- A waist trainer aims to help you contour your body, help with posture & loses inches off your waist instantly (meaning whilst you're wearing it, you appear a lot slimmer - love it!)

How does it work?

- You've got to be pretty patient if you want it to make a permanent change & not just a quick change whilst it's on. The best way to start would be to wear your trainer around 4hrs a day & gradually build up the hours as you feel more comfortable.

How do I know which trainer is best for me?

- Ask the girls! They are absolutely FABULOUS as I mentioned earlier & are happy to pick a trainer best suited to you if they know what it is you want to achieve.

What size do I get?

- On the website there is a size chart to help you pick the size best suited for you. Alternatively you can contact them through their website or also send them an email. I will link all of their social medias at the bottom of this post! :)

Which waist trainer is the one you have & how do I order if I decide I want one?

- The trainer I have is this one here. I have the 2 hook latex trainer & I love it! As I stated a million times before - oops! *hands over face* & if you decide you want to order you can purchase through the website, or feel feel to email the girls, say you've seen it from my blog & say a quick hello! They'll be super pleased to have some more UK chicks rocking their trainers! :D

What are all of MiracleWaistShapers social medias?

- Instagram : @miraclewaistshapers & @miraclewaistshapers_x
- Twitter : @fashionkilla29
- Website : www.miraclewaistshapers.bigcartel.com
- Facebook : Miracle Waist Shapers

Again, I want to say a huge thank you to the girls at MiracleWaistShapers for being so helpful, friendly & inspiring! Much love ladies!♡ #miraclewaistteam #internationallove

PS. I will be keeping you all updated on my progress over the weeks so keep your eyes peeled! ^_^

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Ipanema Flip Flops

Top & bottom left - Here
Top & bottom right - Here

Hellloooo Summer!!! Okay, maybe it's not quite summer just yet, but I sure did wake up to sunshine through my window this morning! Here in the UK the weather hasn't been too good recently, so seeing some sun got me in the holiday mood! I keep counting down the days until my holiday in June & no doubt it'll come around quick - yay!! So with that, I decided to look online for some comfy flip flops/wedges that look fab as well as being comfy. Holiday = walking in the sun a lot = not good for your feet in your typical wedges! :( Anyhow.. I came across a site called Ipanema.uk.com which has SO many pretty styles on - some of my faves shown & listed in the picture above. How beautiful are they? I'm quite boring with colours, my clothing style is pretty simple. It's either black, nudes, white, browns (paired ALWAYS with gold).. Earthy colours basically, so these findings match my style perfectly! & they look super duper comfy too! Ipanema also offer brighter colours which would look perfect to a trip to the beach! I had to tear myself away from the site before I get tempted to buy everything! I'm only going away for a week!! Ha! Typical girls & their holiday shopping :) If you decide you want to purchase any of their flip flops, make sure to sign up to their mailing list for a 15% saving on first orders! Let me know if you decide to purchase anything, holiday shopping is my fave! :D

Monday, 16 March 2015

Elf Cosmetics | Ravishing Rose Lipstick

I'm at it again with my love for Elf Cosmetics makeup! They only went & did ANOTHER 50% off sale the other day so I managed to find some more products to go crazy about! One being this gorgeous lipstick 'Ravishing Rose' < what a perfect name for it! I love how this lipstick applies, it's super smooth & the pigment is great too. It has like a dewy finish which can of course, also be blotted to give it more of a matte texture. I only usually have my lips 'matte', but I love this colour with the finish it gives by itself - beautiful! I could rant on about how much I love lipsticks all day, especially from this company. Recently, if you haven't noticed from the trillion posts I've done on Elf, I have just been loving the bran completely! I have found they have always been a good value for money brand but the quality is only getting better & better in my eyes. Go Elf, you totally rock!!! ^_^

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Younique 3D Moodstruck Fibre-Lash Mascara

WOW! That was your first thoughts right? Sure was mine when I finished painting on these fabulous fibres on my lashes & looked in the mirror! ♡_♡ This product is INSANE! It adds thickness like crazy but in such a fluttery way! Does that even make sense?.. Ha! I feel like I have them feather like false lashes on! Well, I don't, as they feel heavy on your eyes & this just feels like your ordinary mascara, which is such a plus for me! They sure do look like falsies though - love it! :D Anyhowww, on to the review of the product! :D

As you can see from the above picture, there are two products that come in a beautiful little case; one being the 'Moodstruck Transplanting Gel' & the other being the 'Moodstruck Natural Fibres'. The gel is the product you apply first, which you use the same way you would with a normal mascara. After applying the gel, then you can start applying them fabulous fibres onto your lashes. Word of warning, only add the fibres mainly to the ends of your lashes. By doing this it adds a more dramatic look to your lashes & of course, decreases the chance of getting the little buggers into your eyes! O_O
Once you have added the fibres, repeat the same process again until you reach your desired look! I did 2 coats on the above picture about & I hadn't even curled them yet. Once dry, if you curl them, they look even more amazing! :D

Now, I bet you're wondering where you can buy this mascara from & your answer is here! Leanne's Younique website also offers a variety of other products which I'm sure she will be happy to assist you with any questions if you have any. If you want to contact Leanne, there is an option to if you scroll down to the bottom of her webpage - there, there will be a 'Have Questions?' box in which you can send her a message! :D
I hope you lovely ladies love this mascara as much as I do - again, thank you again Leanne for this fabulous mascara!! :D

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Elf Cosmetics | Moisturizing Foundation Stick

Left: No foundation | Right: Foundation

I CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW HAPPY I AM THAT I HAVE FOUND THIS! Woah, excuse the caps but I am just SO happy right now. Since forever I have hated how pink my cheeks are, some say I'm lucky to have them, me & others who feel my pain disagree. I have searched high & low for products to cover my redness. I have used creams that claim to reduce redness & blemishes from various brands.. Never worked. I have used green primer to hide it.. Worked a tad but not much & I have tried the thickest foundations with concealer to cover it & nothing EVER seems to work; until now. I am not even exaggerating when I say to literally need one layer of this foundation & VOILA! Full coverage with a nice texture to finish - that must be the moisturising goodness in it that does that! :) This foundation also goes on so smoothly & perfect, glides on the skin lets say! For £7.95 (£3.90 something because I bought it in the 50% off) I just can't praise it enough. The absolute BEST foundation I have ever used! I think I may buy it in a variety of colours so I can contour with it too. I'm gonna have to buy another anyway as the colour I have now (Nude) is perfect to use under my eyes but is a little pale for an all over colour on my skin but fear not! I shall be ordering more today! Honestly beauties - you NEED this foundation, especially if you suffer with pink blotchy skin like me. Elf Cosmetics, I love you forever & always for changing my life! <3

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Elf Cosmetics Haul | Lush Lip Colours

Classy | Seductive | Flirtacious | Sociable | Fanstasy
^ Colours of lipsticks, or words to describe me if you like? ;) haha just kidding!

Elf Cosmetics had a cheeky 50% sale on the other day - my absolute FAVE! So, of course I had to snap up some items. Although I think 90% of the population must have got there before me because the majority of things I wanted had gone :( Ah well, still snapped up some fab stuff! I think the grand total of this order was about £13 something. Like, helllooooo, most of us pay that for one item! So I'm super happy with my purchase! As always, I find Elf's products are so, so, SO good value for money. The prices are ridiculously cheap without the 50% sale, so with it is just insane. I'm going to do a more in depth post on some of the products because midway through writing this post, I tried the Moisturising Foundation & the coverage is just WOW, you just have to see it! & for the lipsticks/lipliner, they apply beautifully. Hope you enjoyed this post anyway, feel free to let me know if you try any of the above products! ^_^

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