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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Night In & Hot Choc!

You just try & tell me I'm not the best hot chocolate maker ever!? It also taste as delicious as it looks; mm mmm! I've been having a lot of nights in really, mainly with the cold weather & the early mornings for work ect.. I kinda like it though, in the winter I like being at home, snugged up in the onesie my Momma got me for Christmas, drinking hot chocolate! What better way to spend an evening? :) Although I'm going to have to stop with the chocolate soon as I'm getting closer to wanting to focus on the gym again & when I get in the zone, I'm in the zone! I always get thrown off at Christmas no matter what & quite frankly I don't care. I'm all for being healthy because well, it's healthy! But I'm also for eating what ever you god damn want when you want.. Okay, maybe not when you want as I'm sure we'd all do that every day! But at least in the holiday periods ect.. Talking of holidays, how was your Christmas & New Year? Hope you all had a blast & made some good memories! Anyway, I'm gonna shoot, work at 5:45am - the joys of working in a gym hey!? (More reason to be healthy right, practice what you preach & all that jazz! Haha) Goodnight. X


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