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Sunday, 4 January 2015

League of My Own | Lasula Boutique

Omg I absolutely love this jumper! Doesn't it just scream 'diva'!? Yeaahhhhh ;) This jumper is from an online store called 'Lasula Boutique' & I practically want to own every single thing from their site - adore EVERYTHING! I'd say their style ranges in taste from classy & chic to edgy & cool, either way I love it all! This jumper is still on this site for £16, however I snapped it up with a 50% off code which is 'SECRET50'. Whether this code still works or not I'm not sure as I ordered this jumper about a week ago. Lol. I can't physically say or type in this case, 'about a week ago' without breaking into the song that says that line, I won't mention it as it has a naughty 'N' word in the title - oops! *covers face*. Anyhow.... Yes, so I snapped this jumper up for only £7 waheyy! I wanted to enter a link in for you to be able to buy it but I still haven't got it to work now that I do my posts on the HTML version - dunno if that makes sense to any of you? Ha. But anyway, you can get the link to the jumper by typing in 'League of My Own Jumper Lasula Boutique' on Google. Definitely worth the buy, even if the code doesn't work as it's super comfortable material & warm too considering it's a crop jumper! Happy shopping! :D


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