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Saturday, 10 January 2015

How I Maintain My Eyebrows | Freshly Threaded!

Is there actually anything that makes you feel better than fresh eyebrows!? Like, I'm a totally new woman each time I strut my stuff away from the brow lady feeling like a million bucks! Well.. Minus the red patches around my eyebrows afterwards anyway haha! As long as my eyebrows are done I feel ready to rock 'n' roll! :D I always get mine threaded at Superdrug - despite them knocking the price up from £5 to £7 in the past couple months, tut! Ah well, it's super worth it! I always get asked questions on how I do my eyebrows or what I did to get them thick after the dreaded over plucking back in the day, oops! It's pretty simple really - leave them to a professional! I've made that mistake so many times, getting pluck happy or even getting hold of the razor - guilty! *covers face*. We've all been there right?.... Right? :( haha! If going to a professional scares you though & you're someone who likes to be in control of your brows, then I have a few tips on how you can correct them & get them back into shape. What I did before I started getting them threaded was; drawing them on into the shape I wanted them to be & THEN pluck around that shape. If you pluck before doing this, that is when you tend to over do it as you always seem to find a hair out of place or sticking out ect.. But I beg you to leave them stray hairs if they go unnoticed when you have made your desired shape with either a pencil or powder or what ever it is you use. This way, you're keeping the hairs you'll need to make them fuller in the future & only getting rid of the ones that ruin the shape you want. I used to purposely sleep in my eyebrow pencil & go over it again in the morning so I had the same shape until my eyebrows grew back. It can take a good few weeks, maybe even a month or more depending on how fast they grow but it is SO WORTH IT! Another little device you can use to nourish your eyebrows, & lashes too, is the good ol' trusty vaseline. I used to put vaseline on my brows once they grew back a little to keep them moisturised & healthy, same with my lashes too. Whether it's a myth that vaseline helps to grow & thicken your brows & lashes I don't know, but it seemed to help for me! Now I have them the shape I want, I get them threaded every month or so to keep them that way; plucking is just not my thing anymore, unless of course I see the odd hair that just HAS to go, other than that, I leave it to someone who is qualified. Although growing your eyebrows can be a bit of a pain, it's worthwhile when you can wake up & leave the house knowing you don't have to faff about with them. I am quite happy to go out without touching my brows, although being a brow lover, I do like to fill them in a little to give them that va va voom! ;) Let me know if any of you have any tips & tricks on growing your brows or if any of mine work for you if you decide to try it! Hope it helped a little. Ta ta for now fellow brow lovers! <3


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