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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Fresh Nails | @kelly__nails

Yep, it's that time again where I just HAVE to get my nails diddddd! ;) It's been awhile!! Well, it feels like it has anyway! As usual, you all know I'm boring & I almost always get 'French' nail, as I have again.. But I always like to jazz up the ring finger & opposite. I had NO idea what I wanted on there this time so Kelly (my nail lady for all those of you who haven't yet heard me raving on about her yet haha!) decided to hand paint a little flower on there, so pretty! I've never really thought to have a design kinda thing on there, I normally just have a few gems & bob's ya uncle! But this time we had a flower :) I already know what I'm having for next time which will be JUST in time for Valentines - eek! Can't wait for Valentines, it's just an excuse to do something super cute with the other half, not like we're not always planning cute breaks away & nice days anyway but y'know, everyone just feels romantic on that day & so they should! ^_^ Talking of Valentines, I may upload some makeup looks soon that would be pretty for all the date nights taking place on that day! I may even record one for my YouTube ;)

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