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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Eylure Lashes | No. 141

Holaa eyelash lovers! That's very hypocritical of me to say considering I'm usually saying how much I don't tend to like falsies.. However, these I LOVE! The main reason I don't usually like falsies is due to the fact I find it hard to find lashes as long as or longer than mine that aren't ridiculously dramatic & tacky looking; whereas these are perfect! For me, these look somewhat natural; as when I pile on the mascara they kinda go to this length anyway, apart from they tend to look messy whereas these are just beautiful! Plus, every time I've posted a picture on Instagram wearing these I've been asked which lashes they are so you lovely ladies must love them as much as I do! As stated in the title they are 'Eylure Lashes in No. 141' & were priced at something awkward like £5.96 when I bought them in Superdrug. However they can also be purchased on the Eylure website here If any of you purchase them, feel free to show me the result! I'd love to see how they look for you! :D


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