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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Eylure Lashes | No. 141

Holaa eyelash lovers! That's very hypocritical of me to say considering I'm usually saying how much I don't tend to like falsies.. However, these I LOVE! The main reason I don't usually like falsies is due to the fact I find it hard to find lashes as long as or longer than mine that aren't ridiculously dramatic & tacky looking; whereas these are perfect! For me, these look somewhat natural; as when I pile on the mascara they kinda go to this length anyway, apart from they tend to look messy whereas these are just beautiful! Plus, every time I've posted a picture on Instagram wearing these I've been asked which lashes they are so you lovely ladies must love them as much as I do! As stated in the title they are 'Eylure Lashes in No. 141' & were priced at something awkward like £5.96 when I bought them in Superdrug. If any of you purchase them, feel free to show me the result! I'd love to see how they look for you! :D


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