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Friday, 30 January 2015

Chocolate Coated Grapes

Mm mmmmm!!! Decided to head to the supermarket on the way back from work before picking my niece up to grab some ingredients to make some goodies! I thought it'd be fun & tasty to make some chocolate covered grapes with a touch of popping candy to add to a few ;) I did intend to add the chocolate curls to some but that was harder than I thought haha! Either way, they were delicious & the popping candy took me back to my young days! I don't think I've ate that stuff since primary school! :O These chocolate grapes are super easy to do! Literally melt your favourite chocolate in either a pan or microwave & pour into a bowl once melted. Then, pop your grapes in so they're smothered in chocolate & then roll them in your choice of topping - if you need any at all! We chose to keep some plain as they're just as delicious! It's fair to say we ate 1 too many & are feeling a bit sickly now but it was so worth it! & at least it's half healthy too ;) any excuse to make chocolate sound like a good idea! Hope you enjoy if you try it out! :D


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