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Friday, 30 January 2015

Chocolate Coated Grapes

Mm mmmmm!!! Decided to head to the supermarket on the way back from work before picking my niece up to grab some ingredients to make some goodies! I thought it'd be fun & tasty to make some chocolate covered grapes with a touch of popping candy to add to a few ;) I did intend to add the chocolate curls to some but that was harder than I thought haha! Either way, they were delicious & the popping candy took me back to my young days! I don't think I've ate that stuff since primary school! :O These chocolate grapes are super easy to do! Literally melt your favourite chocolate in either a pan or microwave & pour into a bowl once melted. Then, pop your grapes in so they're smothered in chocolate & then roll them in your choice of topping - if you need any at all! We chose to keep some plain as they're just as delicious! It's fair to say we ate 1 too many & are feeling a bit sickly now but it was so worth it! & at least it's half healthy too ;) any excuse to make chocolate sound like a good idea! Hope you enjoy if you try it out! :D


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Fresh Nails | @kelly__nails

Yep, it's that time again where I just HAVE to get my nails diddddd! ;) It's been awhile!! Well, it feels like it has anyway! As usual, you all know I'm boring & I almost always get 'French' nail, as I have again.. But I always like to jazz up the ring finger & opposite. I had NO idea what I wanted on there this time so Kelly (my nail lady for all those of you who haven't yet heard me raving on about her yet haha!) decided to hand paint a little flower on there, so pretty! I've never really thought to have a design kinda thing on there, I normally just have a few gems & bob's ya uncle! But this time we had a flower :) I already know what I'm having for next time which will be JUST in time for Valentines - eek! Can't wait for Valentines, it's just an excuse to do something super cute with the other half, not like we're not always planning cute breaks away & nice days anyway but y'know, everyone just feels romantic on that day & so they should! ^_^ Talking of Valentines, I may upload some makeup looks soon that would be pretty for all the date nights taking place on that day! I may even record one for my YouTube ;)

Monday, 12 January 2015

Rimmel Flash Mascara

Taking it back some years since I used this mascara & hey, I'm in love all over again! This mascara is by Rimmel & as shown in the image is called 'Extreme Black Volume Flash mascara'. They have another mascara from the 'Volume Flash' range but I haven't tried that one yet. This mascara can be found practically anywhere! & it's valued at such a cheap price of around £4.99 (that's what I bought it for the other day at Asda anyway - I know, ASDA!) I love the brush it comes with, it's the right thickness where it's easy to control & doesn't carry too much product. I still recommend scraping any excess off though if you want a more subtle look as shown in the picture labeled '1 coat of mascara' & leave all product on if you wish for a more dramatic look like the picture labeled '2 coats of mascara'. Of course you're going to achieve a thicker look with 2 coats anyway but I purposely left all product on to make my eyelashes even thicker to show you how it applies. I don't particularly like to have my lashes that thick on a daily basis as I despise taking it all off at night haha! However, I do like it now & then when I'm wearing a subtle lip colour so that all attention is on the eyes. Overall I really recommend this mascara, for the price as well you just can't complain! Drugstore mascaras all the way!!! :D

Saturday, 10 January 2015

How I Maintain My Eyebrows | Freshly Threaded!

Is there actually anything that makes you feel better than fresh eyebrows!? Like, I'm a totally new woman each time I strut my stuff away from the brow lady feeling like a million bucks! Well.. Minus the red patches around my eyebrows afterwards anyway haha! As long as my eyebrows are done I feel ready to rock 'n' roll! :D I always get mine threaded at Superdrug - despite them knocking the price up from £5 to £7 in the past couple months, tut! Ah well, it's super worth it! I always get asked questions on how I do my eyebrows or what I did to get them thick after the dreaded over plucking back in the day, oops! It's pretty simple really - leave them to a professional! I've made that mistake so many times, getting pluck happy or even getting hold of the razor - guilty! *covers face*. We've all been there right?.... Right? :( haha! If going to a professional scares you though & you're someone who likes to be in control of your brows, then I have a few tips on how you can correct them & get them back into shape. What I did before I started getting them threaded was; drawing them on into the shape I wanted them to be & THEN pluck around that shape. If you pluck before doing this, that is when you tend to over do it as you always seem to find a hair out of place or sticking out ect.. But I beg you to leave them stray hairs if they go unnoticed when you have made your desired shape with either a pencil or powder or what ever it is you use. This way, you're keeping the hairs you'll need to make them fuller in the future & only getting rid of the ones that ruin the shape you want. I used to purposely sleep in my eyebrow pencil & go over it again in the morning so I had the same shape until my eyebrows grew back. It can take a good few weeks, maybe even a month or more depending on how fast they grow but it is SO WORTH IT! Another little device you can use to nourish your eyebrows, & lashes too, is the good ol' trusty vaseline. I used to put vaseline on my brows once they grew back a little to keep them moisturised & healthy, same with my lashes too. Whether it's a myth that vaseline helps to grow & thicken your brows & lashes I don't know, but it seemed to help for me! Now I have them the shape I want, I get them threaded every month or so to keep them that way; plucking is just not my thing anymore, unless of course I see the odd hair that just HAS to go, other than that, I leave it to someone who is qualified. Although growing your eyebrows can be a bit of a pain, it's worthwhile when you can wake up & leave the house knowing you don't have to faff about with them. I am quite happy to go out without touching my brows, although being a brow lover, I do like to fill them in a little to give them that va va voom! ;) Let me know if any of you have any tips & tricks on growing your brows or if any of mine work for you if you decide to try it! Hope it helped a little. Ta ta for now fellow brow lovers! <3


Sunday, 4 January 2015

Night In & Hot Choc!

You just try & tell me I'm not the best hot chocolate maker ever!? It also taste as delicious as it looks; mm mmm! I've been having a lot of nights in really, mainly with the cold weather & the early mornings for work ect.. I kinda like it though, in the winter I like being at home, snugged up in the onesie my Momma got me for Christmas, drinking hot chocolate! What better way to spend an evening? :) Although I'm going to have to stop with the chocolate soon as I'm getting closer to wanting to focus on the gym again & when I get in the zone, I'm in the zone! I always get thrown off at Christmas no matter what & quite frankly I don't care. I'm all for being healthy because well, it's healthy! But I'm also for eating what ever you god damn want when you want.. Okay, maybe not when you want as I'm sure we'd all do that every day! But at least in the holiday periods ect.. Talking of holidays, how was your Christmas & New Year? Hope you all had a blast & made some good memories! Anyway, I'm gonna shoot, work at 5:45am - the joys of working in a gym hey!? (More reason to be healthy right, practice what you preach & all that jazz! Haha) Goodnight. X


League of My Own | Lasula Boutique

Omg I absolutely love this jumper! Doesn't it just scream 'diva'!? Yeaahhhhh ;) This jumper is from an online store called 'Lasula Boutique' & I practically want to own every single thing from their site - adore EVERYTHING! I'd say their style ranges in taste from classy & chic to edgy & cool, either way I love it all! This jumper is still on this site for £16, however I snapped it up with a 50% off code which is 'SECRET50'. Whether this code still works or not I'm not sure as I ordered this jumper about a week ago. Lol. I can't physically say or type in this case, 'about a week ago' without breaking into the song that says that line, I won't mention it as it has a naughty 'N' word in the title - oops! *covers face*. Anyhow.... Yes, so I snapped this jumper up for only £7 waheyy! I wanted to enter a link in for you to be able to buy it but I still haven't got it to work now that I do my posts on the HTML version - dunno if that makes sense to any of you? Ha. But anyway, you can get the link to the jumper by typing in 'League of My Own Jumper Lasula Boutique' on Google. Definitely worth the buy, even if the code doesn't work as it's super comfortable material & warm too considering it's a crop jumper! Happy shopping! :D


Saturday, 3 January 2015

Eylure Lashes | No. 141

Holaa eyelash lovers! That's very hypocritical of me to say considering I'm usually saying how much I don't tend to like falsies.. However, these I LOVE! The main reason I don't usually like falsies is due to the fact I find it hard to find lashes as long as or longer than mine that aren't ridiculously dramatic & tacky looking; whereas these are perfect! For me, these look somewhat natural; as when I pile on the mascara they kinda go to this length anyway, apart from they tend to look messy whereas these are just beautiful! Plus, every time I've posted a picture on Instagram wearing these I've been asked which lashes they are so you lovely ladies must love them as much as I do! As stated in the title they are 'Eylure Lashes in No. 141' & were priced at something awkward like £5.96 when I bought them in Superdrug. However they can also be purchased on the Eylure website here If any of you purchase them, feel free to show me the result! I'd love to see how they look for you! :D

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