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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Favourite Perfume | Juicy Couture

Mm mmm!! I absolutely adore sweet smelling perfumes. In fact, I will only wear ones that literally make me want to eat my arm off when I spray it on there.. Okay, slight exaggeration! But y'see where I'm coming from right? :D I still will never understand perfumes that smell of flowers & stuff. I mean, it sounds pretty to smell like a flower, but I'm yet to smell a flower that hasn't made my nose scrunch up because it actually doesn't smell that good.. But hey, I guess it's all down to personal preference right? :) Anyway, back to the post.. I always go off track, I talk too much *covers face*. The taller bottle; Couture Couture, is my all time FAVE, it genuinely smells like sherbet, flipping delicious!! I've been using this perfume for years now, I remember getting my first bottle of it on my 18th along with the shower gel & body cream, loveee! The smaller bottle; Viva La Juicy is a slightly stronger smell but still has that sweetness to it! I also have Viva La Juicy in the small roll on size which is pictures above with a lip gloss on the opposite side, even the lip gloss smells beautiful & it's a gorgeous tone of pink too - winner! Another reason I love this perfume is it's just so girly & pretty to look at. I'm not usually a huge lover of pink (says me in my pink spotty pi's) but I like pink stuff in small doses, like on these bottles :) One more point about these fragrances before I bring this post to an end is.. They do last well also! I find I don't have to drown my self in it 20 times a day to smell good - bonus! What are your favourite perfumes & are there any you like that smell as delicious as these? Please let me know! :D


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