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Saturday, 27 December 2014

OOTD | Stone

Woah, is that me not wearing all black? Holy moly! Haha! Recently I've been liking more 'earthly' colours. Stone/grey/beige especially. Black is still my all time safe favourite but the only other colours I find I suit are all natural earthly shades. This outfit is so comfy & casual as well as being a touch dressy also! They're my favourite kind of outfits, that way you can never feel too under or overdressed as it's a perfect balance of both! Heels always make me feel more lady-like & dressy & I've been living in them all day most days recently. It's about time I make use of my huge collection of courts, considering they're my most bought kind of shoe! :)
Coat - Primark
Long sleeved top - H&M
Jeans - Forever 21
Shoes - Primark
Bag - H&M


Fake Septum Ring

Don't you just love these!? I'm too much of a wuss to get it as an actual piercing & it's not my usual style.. So I decided to get the fake ones! :D I literally picked these up from eBay for around £2-£3 - bargain! These ones are the 8mm gold plated & silver ones modelled by myself with the gold & by my beautiful little niece with the silver! You can find them by typing '8mm fake septum ring' into the search engine on eBay, pretty straight forward really! They're also not uncomfortable in the slightest which is a bonus. In fact, you can barely even tell it's there unless it decides to tickle you now & then! Haha! What do you think? I want to buy some more fancier ones, I just got these plain ones to be on the safe side for now but I've seen some really beautiful Bollywood style ones, eek!
rally type

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve Lunch

Eek it's almost Christmas! Well, it's Christmas Eve! :D To me, Christmas is about spending it with people you love & as I don't have much family, I spend it with a lot of my friends too. Friends are family to me :) All of these lovely ladies above are my work girlies so we headed straight to a local wine & cocktail bar for lunch when they finished work at 2pm. I literally got back from Chester at 1:35pm, put my stuff in the house & got back in the car & raced back to meet them - of course they was worth the dash ;) We all treated ourself to a prosseco as it was one of the girl's last shift at our place, waa we'll miss you Hannah! :( & got something to eat too! I decided to go for the mozzarella & tomato panini, how flipping delicious does that look? Oo wee!!! :D After we ate I had to nip off & get some last minute things done for Christmas, I am ALWAYS last minute, absolutely always! But, I got it all done in the end - woohoo! :D Are you guys all set for Christmas this year? :)



HELLO CHESTER! Omg I adore this city. We've visited here a number of times over the years & we still love going. Matthew decided to take me to The Village hotel for 2 nights which was a much needed break, cutie isn't he!? :) We just chilled out this time really. Normally we're up & out & exploring as if we're in another flipping country haha! But we just had a nice stroll around, did a bit of shopping & watched movies in the room; perfect considering there was a Starbucks station in there ;)


Saturday, 20 December 2014

Starbucks Date

I've had the perfect girls day today! As you can see from my previous post I had my nails done again by the fabulous Kelly, which always makes me feel better :) Afterwards, I picked up my gorgeous little but taller than me niece & we headed to The Trafford Centre for some shopping & a hot chocolate. I absolutely idolise her! <3 I only managed to pick up 2 new pair of jeans & a jumper, which I guess is good for me considering I always go shopping & come back with nothing - boring! So I guess I could say it was a success! :D I'm about to get ready now for a night at shisha with my be sty Rochelle & chill out for the night! Enjoy your saturday senoritas! :D

Glitter Nails

In. Actual. Love. Again. Every time Kelly never fails me! Went for something simple as always with a touch of festive sparkle! :D If you haven't already noticed by now, I always have something plain & simple as I like the elegant look but I like to switch it up with a tad of bling or glitter so these are perfect! Kelly just used a pink acrylic along with the same acrylic mixed in with a bit of the glitter & faded it in. Absolutely love them! Thanks Kel you're a babe! <3 Kelly's instagram - @kelly__nails

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Favourite Perfume | Juicy Couture

Mm mmm!! I absolutely adore sweet smelling perfumes. In fact, I will only wear ones that literally make me want to eat my arm off when I spray it on there.. Okay, slight exaggeration! But y'see where I'm coming from right? :D I still will never understand perfumes that smell of flowers & stuff. I mean, it sounds pretty to smell like a flower, but I'm yet to smell a flower that hasn't made my nose scrunch up because it actually doesn't smell that good.. But hey, I guess it's all down to personal preference right? :) Anyway, back to the post.. I always go off track, I talk too much *covers face*. The taller bottle; Couture Couture, is my all time FAVE, it genuinely smells like sherbet, flipping delicious!! I've been using this perfume for years now, I remember getting my first bottle of it on my 18th along with the shower gel & body cream, loveee! The smaller bottle; Viva La Juicy is a slightly stronger smell but still has that sweetness to it! I also have Viva La Juicy in the small roll on size which is pictures above with a lip gloss on the opposite side, even the lip gloss smells beautiful & it's a gorgeous tone of pink too - winner! Another reason I love this perfume is it's just so girly & pretty to look at. I'm not usually a huge lover of pink (says me in my pink spotty pi's) but I like pink stuff in small doses, like on these bottles :) One more point about these fragrances before I bring this post to an end is.. They do last well also! I find I don't have to drown my self in it 20 times a day to smell good - bonus! What are your favourite perfumes & are there any you like that smell as delicious as these? Please let me know! :D


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Christmas Party Nails

Kelly does it again!! Flippin' ADORE these nails!! I think they're my favourite yet! As always, I stuck to something simple like the classic 'French' but switched it up again by having a different style of it. Also decided to go with a touch of gold on the ring ringer & opposite & also a dark silver rhinestone on each nail. It's my Christmas party this Sunday so wanted to have my nails a little more sparkly than usual! :) Kelly matched the gold glitter to the exact colour of my dress that I had planned to wear from Lasula Boutique. The dress is stunning! However, slightly too long for my short ass 5"2 body, so it doesn't look so clever on me! (I got my nails done before the dress arrived if you're wondering why I got matching nails to a dress I'm now not even wearing!) However! I ALWAYS accessorise any outfit with gold so I'm sure my nails will still look fabulous with whatever I wear. They even look fabulous with the bright pink PJ's I'm wearing whilst typing this post ;) haha! Once again, Kelly, you were fabulous! <3 How to contact Kelly: Instagram - @kelly__nails (2 underscores that is!) SUNdays salon number - 0161 773 0301 (that's where she works)

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