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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Where Have I Been?

Oopsie! I've been gone way too long! Well, it's only been a couple of weeks but it feels like forever! I've been having computer dilemmas which has resulted in me not being able to get onto my computer :( In the end it was something as simple as.. Some of the letters on my keyboard stopped working, super annoying! However, at first I was thinking the worst, I was thinking I had a virus or something & I was going to have to delete everything! But I just needed a new keyboard, so after trying another keyboard to discover the 'A' button didn't work, I hunted down another.. It may be a horrible, old school giant curved Microsoft keyboard but I guess it does the trick! Haha! I gotta admit I do miss the sleek white & silver Apple one.. This is too hard to get used to again! Some buttons are different & copying & pasting is different.. Hate simple changes it drives me mad! Haha! Anyway.. Now I have a temporary keyboard I'll be back on track! Hope you guys haven't missed me too much ;)


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