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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Makeup Night

I had so much fun last night! Me & my Mum headed to our friend, Georgia's place & got out all of our makeup & chatted away for hours. Girls & their makeup hey!? Haha! One problem is, is that, I was all caught up in the conversation, putting it all on my face & taking selfies that I forgot to take pictures of all the makeup & what I used on my face - oops! But don't worry, we've decided we'll do it again some night soon & actually take pictures to show you all & talk about our favourite products! I can't even remember what I put on my face either because I was just going crazy trying new things! Hope you all like my selfie to make up for it.. :D haha! Georgia has the most amazing makeup collection as well, I'm mortified I didn't take pictures to show you all! However she did give me a new lipstick she doesn't wear which is shown on the picture above so I'll sure to take pictures of that, up close & personal soon & shown you all! ;D haha!


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