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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Drugstore Bargains

Who doesn't already know I love a good bargain? Anybody? Thought not! XD There's nothing more satisfying that finding products that work just as well as high end ones & for a fraction of the price too! All of these products are fantastic! Especially the Barry M lip liners. I must admit, I prefer them to my MAC ones.. They go on so much smoother & are a lot more pigmented in my opinion. I don't know if that's just because my MAC liners are nude colours so I'm not reaping the benefits of how pigmented they really are or if they're actually just pretty crappy but get away with it because of the name. Who knows, either way, good pigments, smooth application & £2.99 sounds good to me! :D I can't for the life of me see anywhere on them liners where there is a shade name & it's driving me insane.. Maybe that's why they're cheaper O_O haha! However, there is a number on them so I'll write them at the bottom of the post in case that's them. As you can see in the picture as well, I've already used 2 of the liners, as mentioned in my previous post, I wore them 2 colours on the picture. As for the other products, I haven't got a picture swatching them as for some reason they didn't save to my camera & it's pretty dark now so the lighting sucks so I can't even really re-take them.. But I'm sure you'll see them on upcoming posts shortly! The greeny/blue eyeliner is similar to the MAC one I wore in a picture a few posts back & it's practically identical, again, a fraction of the price! (Wow, I sound like I'm really slating MAC here when in fact, I adore their products! Just love a bargain too haha!) & as for the lipsticks, gorgeous colours, applies nicely & cheap also. I'll list all prices & shades of what I know below.

Barry M lip liners - £2.99 9, 6 & 1
2True eyeliner - £1.99 in shade No.4 Green
NYC Lipsticks - £1.99 in shades 444 & 440

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