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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Diva Light

I don't know if you can notice them pretty little circle lights in my eyes? Yes? Well, if so, that would be my 'Diva Light' :D I've had this amazing light almost a year now & I have NO idea why I've hardly used it recently, it's incredible! Especially for making pictures super bright & crystal clear, love it! Now that I've re-discovered just how fabulous this light actually is, I'm going to try & post more makeup looks a bit more frequently! :) Lighting is everything for good images & without it, things just don't show up as they appear. I've recently bought a few new lip liners & lipsticks & I'm wearing one of them in the picture above so I'll be sure to blog about it soon. I posted this photo on my Instagram the other day & I was asked a number of times what my lip colour was so I'll definitely post about it shortly! Anyway, back to the light.. I'm not sure if this is available to buy in the UK as I know mine was shipped from the USA but I promise you though, it's worth the wait! :)


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