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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Annabelles Wigs

Let me just start with, I LOVE THIS WIG! I never thought I'd ever even try a wig, yet alone love one! But when I got the opportunity to try out a 3/4 head wig from Annabelles Wigs with great thanks to Blogging Gals, I fell in love. A few girls were given the challenge of trying out 3 different styles with this wig, as you have already seen, mine are shown above. I love how it looks on all of the looks & it's easy to style too. As it is synthetic though, you can't use heat on it. At first I was like, holy crap, what am I going to do with no heat!? But with it already being curly, the curl holds so there's no need for heat at all - fabulous! Also, quick tip on something you may want to try when you put your wig on for the first time; you may want to brush it for awhile & maybe add a touch of dry shampoo to reduce the shine. However, I must say, with never even trying synthetic hair before, I'm impressed that it looks pretty darn good! I even worn it out last night as well & had plenty of compliments on how voluminous my hair looked! It does add A LOT of volume, especially if you choose the wig I chose which can be found on the website - www.annabelleswigs.co.uk. Mine is the dark brown curly wig. So for me, that's always a bonus. Big, bouncy, curly hair is always a winner for me! So once again, thank you to Annabelles beautiful Wigs & the fabulous ladies at Blogging Gals for letting me be apart of this challenge!

Looks explained:
1. Back comb your fringe/bangs as well as the front of the wig, bobby pin where feels comfortable for your desired look & also lightly back comb the rest of the wig.
2. Side plait both your fringe/bangs mixed in with the front of the wig & also take a bobby pin to secure in place.
3. With your fingers, grab all of the wig & pull up to where ever you want your pony tail to sit & secure with a bobble. I went for the high, messy pony tail to compliment the curls in the wig! :)


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Drugstore Bargains

Who doesn't already know I love a good bargain? Anybody? Thought not! XD There's nothing more satisfying that finding products that work just as well as high end ones & for a fraction of the price too! All of these products are fantastic! Especially the Barry M lip liners. I must admit, I prefer them to my MAC ones.. They go on so much smoother & are a lot more pigmented in my opinion. I don't know if that's just because my MAC liners are nude colours so I'm not reaping the benefits of how pigmented they really are or if they're actually just pretty crappy but get away with it because of the name. Who knows, either way, good pigments, smooth application & £2.99 sounds good to me! :D I can't for the life of me see anywhere on them liners where there is a shade name & it's driving me insane.. Maybe that's why they're cheaper O_O haha! However, there is a number on them so I'll write them at the bottom of the post in case that's them. As you can see in the picture as well, I've already used 2 of the liners, as mentioned in my previous post, I wore them 2 colours on the picture. As for the other products, I haven't got a picture swatching them as for some reason they didn't save to my camera & it's pretty dark now so the lighting sucks so I can't even really re-take them.. But I'm sure you'll see them on upcoming posts shortly! The greeny/blue eyeliner is similar to the MAC one I wore in a picture a few posts back & it's practically identical, again, a fraction of the price! (Wow, I sound like I'm really slating MAC here when in fact, I adore their products! Just love a bargain too haha!) & as for the lipsticks, gorgeous colours, applies nicely & cheap also. I'll list all prices & shades of what I know below.

Barry M lip liners - £2.99 9, 6 & 1
2True eyeliner - £1.99 in shade No.4 Green
NYC Lipsticks - £1.99 in shades 444 & 440

Diva Light

I don't know if you can notice them pretty little circle lights in my eyes? Yes? Well, if so, that would be my 'Diva Light' :D I've had this amazing light almost a year now & I have NO idea why I've hardly used it recently, it's incredible! Especially for making pictures super bright & crystal clear, love it! Now that I've re-discovered just how fabulous this light actually is, I'm going to try & post more makeup looks a bit more frequently! :) Lighting is everything for good images & without it, things just don't show up as they appear. I've recently bought a few new lip liners & lipsticks & I'm wearing one of them in the picture above so I'll be sure to blog about it soon. I posted this photo on my Instagram the other day & I was asked a number of times what my lip colour was so I'll definitely post about it shortly! Anyway, back to the light.. I'm not sure if this is available to buy in the UK as I know mine was shipped from the USA but I promise you though, it's worth the wait! :)


Thursday, 20 November 2014

bareMinerals Truffle Lipstick

I freakin' LOVE this lipstick! This is the lipstick I'm wearing in my previous post, absolutely gorg or what!? Georgia saved my life giving me this one, adore it! As stated in the title, it's from bareMinerals & the colour is Truffle. The name alone makes me love it, haha! But anyway, onto talking about the actual lipstick & not me rambling on how much I love it oops! :) This lipstick goes on beautifully, it's super pigmented & it stays on really well, it smells good too! That's always a bonus with me, I hate horrible smelling makeup - yak! I'm not too sure how much this lipstick is or whether it's still available as I've looked on the bareMinerals website & I can't find it :( But I looked on eBay for you guys & it's available between £8-£15, not too bad really! It's such a beautiful colour & I think it'd suit most skin tones too. I really think bareMinerals is so underrated. I don't think people give them enough credit at all, I mean, I can't talk, I won't lie & pretend I shop there all the time but when I do, I'm always happy. It's nice to go to a more high end makeup place sometimes & treat yourself, it's always worth it! :) I'm thinking of trying their foundation again, I remember when I got their 'starter kit' thingy & I loved it... Until I lost it :'( I must purchase again soon! Have any of you tried bareMinerals? If so, what are your favorite products? :)


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Makeup Night

I had so much fun last night! Me & my Mum headed to our friend, Georgia's place & got out all of our makeup & chatted away for hours. Girls & their makeup hey!? Haha! One problem is, is that, I was all caught up in the conversation, putting it all on my face & taking selfies that I forgot to take pictures of all the makeup & what I used on my face - oops! But don't worry, we've decided we'll do it again some night soon & actually take pictures to show you all & talk about our favourite products! I can't even remember what I put on my face either because I was just going crazy trying new things! Hope you all like my selfie to make up for it.. :D haha! Georgia has the most amazing makeup collection as well, I'm mortified I didn't take pictures to show you all! However she did give me a new lipstick she doesn't wear which is shown on the picture above so I'll sure to take pictures of that, up close & personal soon & shown you all! ;D haha!


Saturday, 15 November 2014

Where Have I Been?

Oopsie! I've been gone way too long! Well, it's only been a couple of weeks but it feels like forever! I've been having computer dilemmas which has resulted in me not being able to get onto my computer :( In the end it was something as simple as.. Some of the letters on my keyboard stopped working, super annoying! However, at first I was thinking the worst, I was thinking I had a virus or something & I was going to have to delete everything! But I just needed a new keyboard, so after trying another keyboard to discover the 'A' button didn't work, I hunted down another.. It may be a horrible, old school giant curved Microsoft keyboard but I guess it does the trick! Haha! I gotta admit I do miss the sleek white & silver Apple one.. This is too hard to get used to again! Some buttons are different & copying & pasting is different.. Hate simple changes it drives me mad! Haha! Anyway.. Now I have a temporary keyboard I'll be back on track! Hope you guys haven't missed me too much ;)

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