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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Winter Warmer | OOTD

Brr, it's cold today! Crikey! I really cannot be doing with this weather. I mean, I do love a good cosy day in, but when you have to leave the house, it's really not my kinda weather! I definitely need to be back on another plane to a sunny country sometime soon! BUT, to warm up the day, I shoved on a big cosy jumper, some skinny jeans & some wedge sneaks - comfy & casual! I also had to whip out the sunglasses as it's quite a bright day today. Sunglasses are a must when having to drive whilst it's bright.. I can always try & pretend it's warm & sunny & that's why Im wearing them?... Ok, maybe not, it's way to chilly for that! Haha! Might have to pop to Costa for a nice hot choc & marshmallows, mmm!♡

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