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Monday, 6 October 2014

Winged Liner | Pink Lip

I've only not posted a day & I feel like it's been forever!! But hey! Here I am again with a new post :) Recently I've seen loads of pretty makeup looks using winged liner & I have never, ever in my whole life been able to do it! So I thought I would give it another go today & above was my attempt!... I knowww, it's not the best but it's not the worst either!.. I don't think? o_O haha! I used a Miss Sporty liquid liner for the look, it's pretty tricky with that one as well as the brush is very flimsy but I've decided I'm going to purchase a more pen-like one & try again! On the lips I have MAC Myth & I've used a natural pink coloured lip liner over & blended them in together. It's not very often I wear pinks on my lips as I don't think I suit it so much but I gave it a whirl anyway! Can't wait to purchase some new lip colours shortly - woohoo! #thejoysofbeingagirl ♡


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