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Thursday, 2 October 2014

PJ Night

Evening dears! I am so tired tonight! Was meant to go to shesha with the girls but I had to be a let down & get in my PJ's instead. Watching TV with a hot ribena with Mum & Samson (my dog in case none of you know him yet) was way more my style tonight haha! I was that cosy I almost felt to sleep on the couch for the night! #lazybum. I miss nights like these, especially when my Dad was here as well & we'd all have a laugh together! At least he's our guardian angel now instead :) Excuse the emotional outburst I had on you all there. I almost deleted it but then I figured I don't want to ever hide how I'm feeling from myself or any of you guys. I guess writing to you all can just be a little way to get out what's on my mind y'know? Moving on anyway.. Let's not make this a sad post, I've had a good evening & I hope you beauties have also!? :) Anyways, I'm off to bed now, goodnight my dears, mwah!♡

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