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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Mini Superdrug Haul

*See's 3for2 offer through Superdrug window.. Can't resist walking in* < That's exactly what happened to me Saturday morning when I went into Superdrug. Gets me every time! Haha! But to be honest, I needed some new little bits, foundation especially so I made the most of the offer! I mentioned not long ago I wanted to try a new foundation as I've always wore MAC Fix Fluid since I was like 18. Although I love it, I was getting a bit bored, us girls love faffing about with new products so I opted for the Bourjois 123 Perfect in shade 54 Beige. I must admit I LOVE this foundation, looks flawless on the skin & has a beautiful consistency! The only thing I don't like is the shades. I find most drugstore foundations are either orangey or pink & my skin is more yellow. Well, not Simpson yellow of course haha! But that's why I usually stick to MAC as their tones are perfect for my skin. It seems to match as I put it on & then dries a slightly different colour, it's still wearable & no one would probably notice but it's just me being a typical girl that notices every thing that they think is wrong! I also ended up buying another Kate Moss lipstick thinking it was a new shade to me, only to find out it's the same shade I did a post on last year - oops! Ah well, I've obviously lost it for me to not notice I was buying the same one haha. I also ended up buying fake tan for the first time in 2 years!! God knows why I hate the stuff! But I guess I wanted to be super brown for Saturday night considering I was whipping the legs out ;) It was actually a really nice tan colour, not orangey at all & to say it was only £3.99 as well, not bad! Love a good bargain I do! :D Anyhow, I think the offer is still on so head down to your local Superdrug to make use of the 3for2! :D


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