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Friday, 24 October 2014


Let me just start with.. I absolutely LOVE London! :D The last time I visited was last Christmas & I loved it as much as I did then, now. Me & my friend Tilly went to visit our friend Rourke the day after my birthday as a little birthday shin-dig & of course a catch up! We was only there a night & a day so we didn't get chance to do much but with what time we did have we enjoyed ourselves! :) On the first night we went for tea & then bowling afterwards which was fun, I haven't bowled in agesss! After that we just went back to Rourke's apartment, got in bed, watched TV & went to sleep so we was fresh for the next day! :D Our day was quite spontaneous to be honest, let me tell you why now! Well, we was casually strolling across South Bank to head to a cute little pancake shop when a guy from ITV dashed over to us & asked if we wanted to be in the live audience for Loose Women that day. We all just looked at each like "uh yeahhh, pancakes will HAVE to wait!" haha! So in we went, we sat down & next minute the show started. It all happened so fast that we couldn't quite believe it but it was good :) Alsoooo, we got offered tickets for another show for helping out. So we chose Alan Carr's Chatty Man so be sure to keep an eye out for us on in the next few weeks ;) haha! After the show, we finally headed for pancakes; which were SO delicious may I add & then carried on to Spittalfields market. Omg I loved it there! The stalls were so cute & vintage looking, I love that kinda stuff, especially the old perfume store where they had a collection of Chanel perfumes - beaut! I wish we would have went for longer so we could have done more but I'm sure Rourke won't mind us visiting her again soon, right Rourke? ;) haha! Ahh so miss it already & we only got back early hours of this morning. If I don't move abroad one day, London is where it's at! :D


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