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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I'm Feeling 22!

Well, today I woke up a year older! 22! Blimey I feel old, it was literally only the other day I was 12! Okay, obviously it wasn't only the other day, but it sure does feel like it! :O Momma came in my room as soon as she got up & started snapping away at me reading all my birthday messages from everyone on my phone, what's she like ay!? I love reading birthday messages, especially in cards. I'm such a geek like that! I prefer thoughtful things than material things so reading memories & nice words off everyone I love makes my day! :D My Mum's & my Brother's card made me want to cry, so thought I'd share them with you. My brothers was short & sweet but the fact he put "from your hero x" at the bottom got to me! He knows he's always been my hero & he's pretty much always the first person I want when I'm sad :) & well my Mum, my Mum is my bestest friend in the whole world & she always makes me smile with the things she says. Love you Mum if you're reading & love to everyone who has sent me birthday wishes today, love you all & see most of you later! :D♡


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