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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Health Kick's Back!

Good morning! Excuse my mini disappearance over the weekend, one was enjoying late birthday celebrations! ^_^ But there's no excuses now my birthday has gone not to get back into my healthy lifestyle! I was doing really well at the beginning of this year & then things happened to set me back & now I'm on it again! :D I've also got my Mum on it too ;) We decided to have something simple for breakfast along with a bottle of water & a green tea with lemon. I did want to make us a nice omelette (I'm the omelette master if I do say so myself!) but we didn't have enough eggs in so I'll make that for us tomorrow! So instead, a couple sausages & a fried egg had to do; bacon for my Mum also but I can't stand the stuff ha! :) I'm also going back to the gym tonight with my best friend Robyn. She recently got engaged to her boyfriend, on my birthday actually! Double celebrations all round!! :D So we're back to the gym to get us bride & bridesmaid ready! Insanity here we come!!! #determination


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