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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Halloween Makeup

Evening guys! Omg this weather is driving me crazy! It's so cold & gloomy but I guess that's what kinda got me in the mood to do the makeup shown above! I was so not feeling trying to do pretty makeup so I thought, hey, why not try something suitable for halloween considering I'm not off out anywhere this evening! So that's what I did! It's super duper easy! I basically used mainly the black eyeshadow from this palette & smothered my whole eyelid with is as well as underneath & blending it all in so it's soft around the edges. I then added some of the silver eyeshadow from the palette that is next to the black one & put that in the corner of my eye to brighten the eye a little. I mean, I wanted it to be scary but not thaaat scary! We still wanna look half decent for halloween right? ;) I then took some liquid liner & drew on some squiggly lines under my eyes & patted some black eyeshadow around it for a smokey look. I used the same black shadow for my contour & took a black pencil eyeliner for my lips. I also decided to stick some lashes on for this look. False lashes always make a crazy makeup look better! I don't know if I'll be wearing this makeup for halloween yet as I don't even know what I want to go as & lord knows what this makeup is supposed to be... Haha! What are you halloween ideas? :)


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